Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introducing...Project Convert Stash Sister to Cloth

My sister and I are very close! Growing up we were not that close, but as we "got over" the clothing fights and screaming battles, and grew up a little bit, we started to get along very well! Now we both have babies (the picture above was when she was 36 weeks pregnant with her 1st daughter), and now she is expecting another one in less than a week!
Since I love my sister so much, there is nothing more that I would like than to be able to share my Cloth Diaper Addiction with her too! So introduce...Project Convert Stash Sister to Cloth!

Now my sister is not totally opposed to using cloth diapers, but she does have some "obstacles that stand in her way."
  1. She works full time and will be putting the baby in daycare.
  2. She is an ARMY WIFE and they will be moving to a new state/apartment in December,
  3. They do not have a lot of money to spend on "building a stash".
What she does have going for her:
  1. A psycho cloth diapering sister.
  2. A Cloth Diaper Circle Group on the base where she currently lives (p.s. I am hijacking her and taking her to a group meeting when I go to visit).
  3. A psycho cloth diapering sister who is winning her everything she needs: detergent, diapers, balms, etc.
  4. A reason to save money BIG TIME with 2 little ones!
This post will be the first in a series of posts about converting what I call My Stash Sister to cloth! We will take the journey of converting someone to cloth diapering from the ground up. I will even try to get some first hand videos, stories, and even post from her about her experiences. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to here from her or from her experiences, let me know! Until then...I continue to be the psycho cloth diapering sister, and hopefully she will one day be my psycho stash sister:-)

What about you...does anyone in your family use cloth diapers or do they think you are crazy for doing it?

Is there anyone in particular you wish you could convert to cloth diapers?


  1. My sister. She is expecting her second child (1st one will be 18 months old when the new one arrives) and she's been doing cloth diapering part time with homemade diapers that don't work well. They are having a rough time with money and with two in diapers, I just can't imagine how they could afford disposables. Just three months' worth of diapers could buy them a nice stash! But they can't pull together the money for the up-front cost. mom and I are each buying her a big package of Econobums (12 prefolds, 3 covers, 1 wet bag per box). It probably won't be enough for two in diapers, but it will make a significant difference! Hopefully that will make things easier for them.

  2. My family for the most part is on board. I was able to help educate my cousin and she started cloth diapering part-time and now my good friend and her sister are expecting and they both can't wait to cloth diaper their little ones after seeing them in person and watching my routine :)

  3. This is very familiar to me :) My sis and I are less than 2 years apart (shes older) and went through our love/hate relationship growing up. Now that we permanently love each other we live 800 miles apart, so it sucks, especially since our kids are similar ages!

    She knows about me and my cloth diapers, but doesnt seem to have any interest. She too works and has two in diapers. I have not pushed or really suggested it to her at all because I know if she wants to she will ask me about it.

  4. My sister...rather BIL. He is a sahd. My sister is all for it, but bil is not. They have a 1 in pullups at night, 1 in diapers full time (11 m) and one due in March.
    My biggest opposition is my husband. He wont touch them. But I sah, and we have a deal I only change cloth and he changes the random disposables we do use.
    Almost every family with young children at my church use cloth, and new mom's there have been inspired by the rest of us. They see how easy (and cute) it is.