Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fluffy Christmas in July Event (More Giveaways)

Ok...I know...the fluffy giveaways are insane! I feel like all I am posting is giveaways! But I can't complain because I enter them all and love to win free fluff! I have won 10-15 diapers so far! Talk about increasing your stash for FREE!!!

Fluffy Christmas in July is hosted Housewife Mama! She will be giving away a Handmade cloth diaper or accessory each day in July! Holy Moly! 

Go HERE to check out the giveaways that have already started!!!


  1. I keep hoping I will win something. I haven't thus far though. What system do you use to keep up with giveaways you have entered? I have trouble keeping up with them all and possibly am missing things I do win.

    1. Ha ha...I don't really have a system...however I do use Diigo on my toolbar so that whenever I see a giveaway I want to enter, all I have to do it hit the shortcut button and bookmark the page to come back!