Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Every Mom NEEDS a.....

A Lanyard
I know what you were thinking...massage, nap, rest, maid, etc., and yes all of those would be nice too if I had some extra time or money! But while I was at Walmart yesterday, I had a DEEP and PROFOUND moment about my Lanyard!

So about 4 months ago, I lost my keys. Yes...all my keys. They are no where to be found. I have torn the house apart looking for them and still no luck. I am going to blame it on my breastfeeding mommy brain. I was never good at keeping track of things, but since I became a mom, it has gotten 10 times worse. Between my wallet, cell phone, keys, the baby, diaper bag, and stroller I can't seem to remember anything anymore. So I bought myself this Lanyard in hopes that I would actually use it. I mean...come on...we all know that lots of things we buy, we have good intentions, but never end up using them, or forget about them. I was determined to get good use out of this.

I know this post seems so simple, but this lanyard has been my life saver!! When I am lugging baby and all my accessories belonging to the baby, I often put the car keys down somewhere and forget and then have to try and figure out if I put them in the car, in the stroller, in the car seat, or in my diaper bag. After the search is complete, I have wasted 5 minutes looking for the keys AGAIN!!!! This process normally happens before leaving the house, going into and out of a store, as well as when I get home. Please tell me I am not the only one who goes through this??

With the Lanyard, I just throw my keys and attached cell phone around my neck, and voila...the keys are always on me. Best. Invention. Ever. This has been a life saver for me!

My Top 3 Reasons You Ask?

1) Super Cute/Stylish
2) Keep Track of Your Keys/Phone (my old school phone can attach to it)
3) The long pink strap can be found anywhere, even in the deepest purses or bags!

Do you ever lose things all the time? If so...what do you lose the most?
What tips do you have for keeping track of your stuff?


  1. I bought a small wristlet to contain my things in the diaper bag. It's super cute and I can take it out when I'm not with him. Like a tiny purse that doesn't take up much space but keeps me organized!

  2. GREAT IDEA!!!! You are not alone....I am constantly losing my cell or keys! I refuse to wear a fanny pack (no offense to anyone who still does!) and so I try to remember to put my keys in my small zippered part of my purse but usually I forget and just drop them in---and let me tell you-it's a large purse! I've actually never used a laynard before...where did you get yours? it's so cute. I wouldn't even really know where to buy one. Walmart?

  3. Eek, not so sure. Where I'm from that's the quickest way to identify yourself as a Freshman.

  4. Good idea! I lose my cell phone all the time... any ideas on that one? I seem to forget stuff now that I have kids, they have fried my brain, lol. I figure if I at least have both children with me I am doing good though:)

  5. sooo funny! I wore a lanyard ALL THE TIME as a teacher - with my room keys (petty thievery in public middle school!) and especially a PEN attached! I don't know why I abandoned this practice when I became a mom but... you're so right - I need a lanyard. Now... where do you find a pretty one? :)

    1. ha ha! Great idea right! A teacher would totally understand the need for one! I got mine from a Christian Bookstore - it is by not of this world (ntw) It is a reminder about loving others!