Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's In a Name: One Cloth Diaper Retailer's Touching Story

Check out my interview with Bizzing Bea, a wonderful Cloth Diaper/Baby/Children's Retailer. She has a touching story on how she came up with the name for her shop! Please show her some love, as she is one of the sponsors for my Fluff Butts Giveaway Hop, and maybe some more giveaways in the future:-) Be sure to follow Bizzing Bea on Facebook and check out the awesome products on their site!

Did you always know that you wanted to Cloth Diaper your Children?
The idea was always there, but looking into it with my first two it seemed rather expensive and I was deterred. When I got pregnant with my third I really wanted to cloth diaper but fate had other plans. So FINALLY with my fourth I did some serious research and talked my husband into it. We stocked up during sales and since the moment Ela came home from the hospital she has been exclusively cloth diapered.

How did you first get involved in Cloth Diapering or Learn about it?
I have always felt that throwing away all those diapers seems wrong. But it really came home when a girlfriend of mine had her second child and registered for cloth diapers. I thought to myself "Well if SHE can do it I can do it." 

What was the first diaper you purchased?
My first two diapers were a Gro-Via newborn AIO in the owls print (because my older daughter is IN LOVE with owls) and a Bumgenius newborn AIO (I was drawn to the ease of the velcro). The diapers were SO tiny, I remember taking them everywhere with me and showing them off to family and friends who were just astounded at how cute and easy they looked. (ha ha, I would do this too)

Your Favorite Cloth Diaper?
My favorite cloth diaper is made by a WAHM named Mary. Her hyena cart is called Monkey Rump Diapers. I love being able to "pick" the colors and prints that I like.
The diaper I own the most of is the Gro-Via AIOs. I like the side snaps and having the option for one insert or two.

Essential (Must-Have) Cloth Diaper Accessory?
A stainless steel garbage pail with a Gro-Via pail liner and my toilet sprayer. The pail liner holds more diapers than I can count and well the sprayer speaks for itself! :)

Snaps or Aplix?
This is a tough question. All my favorite diapers have snaps, but Ela is at the age where she DOES NOT hold still long enough for me to snap 1 snap let alone 4-6!! So I long for more aplix when I have mostly snaps. (I have just entered this stage!!! It drives me crazy!)

How did you come up with the name Bizzing Bea for your store?
Bizzing Bea is named after our daughter Bea, who was born with Trisomy 18. She was diagnosed early in our pregnancy and we were told not to hope for too much. One beautiful spring day while I was pregnant with her, Jak her soon to be big brother, asked if she was going to bizz him when she came out. I was confused and asked Bizz? What is Bizz? He pointed to the bees in the garden and said bizz like the other bees do. I just smiled and said No Jak she won't bizz you. From then on Bea became our scrappy little Bizzer hence The Bizzing Bea :) (love this) 

What made you want to start your own store/business?
I have always wanted a small store of my own. Somewhere for moms to gather and enjoy a moment away. I originally planned on a craft/yarn store, but as life has progressed the dream has changed and morphed. Now I am trying to make our store more than just your regular baby goods store, I want you to think at least once during your visit "Wow I've never seen that before!"

Future goals for Bizzing Bea?
We are looking at purchasing a building in our small town of Spring Valley so that we will have a storefront for people to come and visit. I would love to have an area for moms and littles to come and hang out and talk, not to mention SHOP!

Most unique feature of Bizzing Bea?
We try hard to find products that are made here in the US. We look for local products to showcase and love supporting our fellow WAHMs. Bizzing Bea Baby is not just a cloth diaper store we also have a wide array of fun products that are unique to our store.

What do you like to do in your spare time (not cloth diaper related)?
In my spare time I am crafting or sewing or cooking. We have BBQs and bonfires almost every weekendOur families are very close and we are always getting together to play cards or do puzzles.

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