Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My name is Julie, but I also go by Tink!

Today is day 6 of the Summer Blog Challenge. Not doing too bad, I have posted 3 out of the 6 days so far. You can see my other posts HERE. Today's topic is nicknames.
I have never really hand any nick names. My birth name is Julie, some people call me Jules, Julz, or Ju Ju. Nothing really exciting right?

That was until my current job...I somehow got the nickname "Tink" as in Tinkerbell. My co-workers tell me it's because I am "like this cute little happy fairy that bounces around the office." Ha ha. I find this pretty funny because the name has stuck for 3 years, and most of the people in the office call me this 80% of the time, including my boss (big football guy, 6'4", 250 lbs), the last person you would expect to say such a "girlie" term.

The best part is that when I have to call insurance companies, and they ask me what my name is, or when I fax over documents, I now use the name "Tinkerbell." You should see the pauses or giggles I get over the phone. I love it! People must think I am nuts, but honestly, I hope it just adds a laugh to someone's boring day!


  1. My youngest daughter's nickname is Tink...but because when she was a baby her older sister would say she was tinky (stinky). We will tell her it was short for tinkerbell though, lol ; )

  2. That's cute!
    I was always called Slim at my old office and it Made me think of a Slim Jim. Lol

    1. Ha ha..why do they call you slim? Sounds undercover-ish!