Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Time for a Cloth Diaper Party Sponsored by Buttercup Baby

I have some very exciting news for all you local cloth diapering mama's. This Saturday at my house, I will be hosting my very first Cloth Diaper Party sponsored by Buttercup Baby! This is going to be so much fun and has been a little while in the making! The plan is to get some mama's together (some who cloth diaper, and some who don't but are interested) and just have fun. There will be a mini-lesson...I know it's summer, but I promise it will be short! In addition,you will also get to play with some sample cloth diapers and some free goodies will be handed out too. Of course there will be games and maybe a prize or two!

Yesterday, in preparation for the party, I got to meet with Audrey from Buttercup Baby! It was such a pleasure to finally meet her in person, and not just in this big online world of cloth diapers! It was nice to put a face to a name:-) She gave me a bunch of goodies that I am going to be handing out to all of you wonderful mama's who attend!

If you are interested in coming, it is not too late to sign up. You can go check out this page for more details, but be sure to RSVP so I have an accurate head count. But no worries if you can't make this party, because if all goes well, I may be hosting more parties in the future!

Have you ever been to a cloth diaper party?
If you were to go to one, what would you like to do? What would you expect?


  1. Ever thought about having one down here in South Georgia :) LOL!

  2. Where in GA are you located? I will be down there in September:-)

  3. i'd def hold a cloth diaper party! what a cute idea-i've never heard of that.

  4. Looks like fun. I have been to 1 cloth diapering party before but I wasn't too impressed since I had tried more different brands of diapers than the consultant and their line up of different brands was pretty limited.