Monday, June 25, 2012

9 Month Well Baby Check-Up: Flirting 101

On Friday, my son had his 9 month appointment. I can't believe how time flies! It seems so cliche to say, but I wish I could freeze time and keep him at this age forever (well most of the time)! He is growing leaps and bounds!

Here are some of the milestones he has been working on:
  • Army Crawl to Crawl in 5 days
  • Gets mad/upset if you take away things that he has
  • Standing up while holding onto me or other stable objects with minimal help
  • Coos and "talks" all the time
  • Goes from lying down to sitting to standing up by pulling on stable objects
  • Grabs and pulls things including
  • Laughs hysterically
  • Drinks out of a cup with a straw
  • Thinks its fun to hit people with little objects
  • Recognizes people, faces, voices, and dogs:-)
  • Taking pictures for diaper reviews has become nearly impossible
Nothing has changed:
  • Still sleeping through the night
  • No teeth or any signs of teeth (2 teeth are there, but nothing)
  • Not much hair yet
  • Not napping very well (takes forever to get to sleep)

Height = 10 percentile (stayed the same)
Weight = A little less than 5 percentile (dropped slightly)
Head Circumference = 25 percentile (stayed the same)

Our Son is perfectly healthy, hitting all of the milestones for his age! He is still on the small side, but my hubby and I are both on the thin side. It could be that because he is much more active that he is burning more calories as well, hence the slight drop in weight. Either way, my J.T. has sopping wet diapers all of the time and never seems super hungry. I am still breastfeeding most of the time, every 3 hours from 7 am till 10pm. I wanted to exclusively breastfeed until 1 year, but I am afraid because he is so small, and has dropped on the weight chart, he might not be getting enough. I have added in some baby food and Mum-Mum's every couple of days. Hopefully this well help keep his weight stable. I have also started making some of my own organic baby food, which is a whole other adventure for a separate post!

If you remember from the last appointment, little J.T. had been having some eye issues. We were referred to a pediatric eye doctor. You can read about that adventure HERE. We will be following up with that eye doctor as the 3 months is up this week. I will be sure to post an update for you.

Aside from that there were no shots  =  mama is happy! This was a fun appointment where J.T. pretty much ran the whole show and then schmoozed everyone with his flirting smiles, eye winks, and laughs. The whole office was dying of laughter:-)

I also want to note that I LOVE my pediatrician. She was actually my doctor growing up, and I loved her so much that I decided to take my son to her. She was in the appointment with us for 1 hour just talking about life, vacation  plans, and of course the baby. She held the baby for 10 minutes just letting him check her out and play with the stethoscope (his new favorite toy). I appreciate that she values our time, and us as patients. I do not feel rushed in any way. She is a problem solver and always willing to admit if she doesn't know the exact answer to my question (because I ask a LOT). In addition she will always seek advice and counsel from her peers or research the answer to a question I may have. I appreciate the honesty. If it's one thing I can't stand, it's a doctor who will "yes" you to death, or rush you out of the room for another appointment! I know that I may need to wait longer in the waiting room to see her, but I can be assured that she is giving her undivided attention to all of those patients as well, and I am willing to wait for the quality care:-) 

Did you miss the 4 Month or 6 Month Check Up?

How did your little one fit into the "norms"?

How is your relationship with your pediatrician? How did you find him or her?


  1. I have no idea how my baby is doing percentile-wise- my pediatrician has never told me and I'm honestly not that interested since she's healthy and growing :) At her four-month well baby visit he told me to start feeding her veggies 2x daily and fruits 3x, and she took right to it. So exciting! She loves her food!

  2. Avocado would be a great food with good fats for him if you haven't already tried it yet. Mix it with some mashed banana for a yummy meal!

  3. My babies have always been on the larger size, in the 70th-90th percentiles so my doctor has never worried about them. 9 months old is such a fun age:) They are still babies but they are starting to get little personalities and are learning so much so quickly.

  4. I love avocados for my babes!!! And for the naps, you should read Weissbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. If he's going to bed at 10pm he might be overtired which would affect his naps. Brennan was a terrible sleeper so I know A LOT about sleep.

  5. I'm only 29 weeks pregnant, but I'm always curious if he's going to be on the small or large size! This is neat how you have everything organized....great for keeping the memories and scrapbooking :)

  6. I'd definitely wait for a doctor i loved! thankfully, i love my children's ped too. unfortunately in this day and age that can be difficult. i'm so thankful we found a keeper! :)

  7. My daughter is 7 months and she is above the 98% percentile. We breastfeed and we have recently introduced solid foods. She is not a fan. She only eats a teaspoon or so every day but that is enough at her age. I agree about the avocado. Its really easy to mash up and feed to baby. I've been making all of the food for my girl and its been really easy. Glad to hear your son is doing so well!

  8. What a perfect little guy! Good luck with the eye issues <3