Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Minute #FlatsChallenge Steals: Pillowcase Kits, Fabric Swatches, and Receiving Blankets

Last week I posted about what my local Walmart had for the Flats Challenge (which p.s. starts Monday). I thought I did a pretty good job finding some basics for cheap! Well, me being the Walmart addict that I am, I stopped in once this week as well and found a few more super cheap/cute items to add to the challenge!

In the clearance fabric section, I was able to snag some 100% pillowcase kits and 100% cotton fabric swatches! In the baby clearance section, I was able to snag a 4 receiving blankets for only $6.00 (regularly $12.00) because I am probably the only person in the world who doesn't have extra receiving blankets lying around!

In total, I spend $9.00!! Yeah! I could actually return some of the flour sacks as well because these items are much cuter!! Gotta love RED!! Moral of the story, check everywhere for cheap fabrics and possibilities! Now I have to go and learn how to fold all of these fabrics before Monday!!

Any tips on folding flats?

What are you favorite folding techniques?


  1. No, all of my receiving blankets became cloth wipes about a year ago.

  2. I always do the fold that is the triangle in the back with the pad fold in the center front. I use it on my toddler with a snappi and then put a microfiber towel in the front outside of it between the flat and the cover.

    I LOVE your new receiving blankets!! Are they flannel?! Those would be PERFECT for cloth baby wipes!! I'm going to have to go hunting at walmart after payday. I got a punch of ugly prints of receiving blankets at goodwill for family wipes for like $1 each LOL