Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pure and Simple Baby Fluffy Sponsor

Pure and Simple Baby was started by a Mom who wanted the best for her baby in a sense of the world that she will grow up and and be exposed to! Pure and Simple Baby's philosophy supports taking responsibility for how products are created, how they will affect those who use them, and where they will go when we're done with them. The carry anything from cloth diapers (our favorite) to organic clothing, toys, and even bedding! Pure and Simple Baby offers Free shipping on any order over $49.  Better yet, you can even make a baby registry there for people to buy things for you! I love that idea! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their Blog for lots of cloth diaper videos, tips, and tricks. They may even hold a giveaway now and then too! They will also be sponsoring a giveaway for my Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Hop as well!! Better get your "like" and "follow" on to get a jump start on the goods!!

Did you always know that you wanted to Cloth Diaper your Children?
Not really. Coming from a small country like Costa Rica I was unaware of how easy to use the new cloth diapers are, they are not necessarily what they were 20 or 30 years ago! :). I thought I was just going to use biodegradable disposables, which I did use with my daughter for the first couple of months, but I'm really happy I found out about the benefits and easiness of cloth diapering in time to make a long lasting change. I hope Pure and Simple Baby is able to help others learn about this as well. I feel that if more people knew about how simple and cost effective cloth diapering can be, besides the environmental benefits, more people would make the change.

How did you first get involved in Cloth Diapering or Learn about it?
A friend I met at a breastfeeding support group used cloth diapers with her daughter so I started to ask questions, then did lots of research and after that it was an easy decision to make the change.

What was the first diaper you purchased?
Bumgenius 4.0 Snaps.

Your Favorite Cloth Diaper?
It is very difficult to answer this question... I feel like different diapers have fit my daughter well at different stages and times of day. I haven't really used hybrids with disposable inserts but I use them with reusable inserts and I definitely like the impact in laundry when I get to reuse the shells. All-in-Ones are very easy to use and since I dry them outside, with the Florida sun they don't take long to dry. The pocket diapers are great for night time to add extra protection. They all have something to love!

Essential (Must-Have) Cloth Diaper Accessory?
Diaper pail.

Snaps or Aplix?
I like the durability of snaps, and I do have more snaps than H&L, but aplix really offers a snug fit. My daughter is thin and tall so the aplix sometimes helps to create a better fit for her.

How did you come up with the name Pure and Simple Baby for your store?
I purchased the store from its original owner, she had already named the store and I loved it from the moment I saw it. The name represents what our ideals are all about, we like to offer products that are pure (limited chemicals) and simple (back to the basics) just like our babies and the parenting styles that can help them have a fulfilled life.

What made you want to start your own store/business?
My husband is originally from Montana and I am originally from Costa Rica so we have an intrinsic love for nature and try our best to live an eco-conscious life style. After learning about cloth diapering I realized how limited the resources are in South Florida and how a lot of business are about "making money" and profiting from people's good intentions so we decided that Pure and Simple Baby could be not only a business but a platform to share information about a green life style, about attachment parenting and other related subjects. We are by no means experts in the subjects but we like to find experts, learn from them, and share their knowledge. We don't mean to preach, just to share and learn from others.

Future goals for Pure and Simple Baby?
We are currently evaluating a number of manufacturers and expect to be adding some unique products in the near future. We will continue to focus on manufacturers that are socially responsible and care for: 1. The conditions in which their products are made, 2. The materials that they use for their products, 3. How their products affect those who use them and the environment, and 4. What happens to the product after the customer is done with it.

Most unique feature of Pure and Simple Baby?
Our priorities are the environment and our customers. We focus on how our products could impact the Earth and the lives of the children who will use them. We don't carry products based on popularity or profit margins, we carry products that could make a difference.

What do you like to do in your spare time (not cloth diaper related)?
I love to travel, seeing new places, and being outdoors. My husband and I love to introduce our daughter to new experiences, seeing her discover the wonders of nature gives us a joy that we can't describe!


  1. Thank you for making the introduction! It's always great to learn about new options for finding a store that not only sells cloth diapers but other great products like baby carriers, bath time, and meal time needs.

  2. Thank you for sponsoring the mothers day giveaway. One of the best things about entering these giveaways is getting to learn about new stores and products!

  3. Thank you for sponsoring the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event! What an awesome giveaway. And great interview by the way! Diaper Pail DEFINITELY is a MUST HAVE!

  4. Thanks for being a sponsor and for allowing the chance to get to know you better :]

  5. I was surprised to hear Diaper Pail as a must have. It is the one thing we have done without and don't really want. Finally after a year using cloth diapers, we invested (okay, we won) in a large hanging wetbag and now I wish I had one a long time ago. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Thanks for sponsoring the mothers day giveaway. A diaper pail is a necessity and I don't have one yet! I use a large wet bag but I think I should get a pail.

  7. I recently placed my first order with Pure and Simple Baby after winning a gift card to their store. Shipping was fast, customer service is great, and the diapers were packaged beautifully. So glad I found this retailer!

  8. I love the fact that Pure and Simple Baby has a Baby Shower Registry... If I would have known this earlier.. I would have registered there.. Maybe next time.

  9. Thanks for sponsering the mothers day giveaway. I love reading about new products and new places to shop! I think it is important to support the local small businesses :)