Monday, March 5, 2012

Sick Baby Humidifier Chat

So as many of you know, my little guy has been sick with a fever over the past few days. Finally the fever has come down, but now he has developed a cough (the cutest cough you ever heard) and a sniffly nose. Poor little guy. His congestion spurred me to write a post about warm vs. cool air humidifiers and the differences....mostly because I was curious at what the differences were.

Both types of humidifiers help to add moisture to the air, which helps to ease breathing difficulties for our little ones!

Warm Air Humidifiers 

  • Usually Cost More due to the heating mechanism and electricity need to heat water
  • May be dangerous for mobile children who can get to close to the hot air 
  • Add moisture to the air - but by the time it reaches the children/babies, it is usually room temperature
  • These units tend to be quieter
  • Clean more frequently due to the warm temperatures possible causing bacteria growth
  • Increase the relative humidity in the air better than cool mist - making it idea for congestion
  • Warms the airway allowing for ease of breathing (depending on proximity to humidifier)

Cool Air Humidifiers 

  • More Affordable
  • Safer for children in general with no heating component
  • Tend to be a little more noisy
  • Some feel the cool air helps with allergies and asthma

My Option - Cheap and Easy

You could always put your little one in the bathroom in a bouncy seat or something while you take a shower...this is always a win-win get a much needed steaming hot shower in peace (hopefully), and the baby gets to breath the warm air:) Ahhhh

Do you use a humidifier when you little ones are sick?

Do you find that it helps them to breathe better?


  1. I do the same thing and steam up the bathroom with my son and daughter! :)

  2. I found your post very interesting and the facts you have given are also very interesting and in my opinion baby's get cold also because of their diapers if they are not of good quality.
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    1. I have never heard of do the diapers affect their ability to get sick? Do you mean disposable or Cloth diapers? Very interesting!! I want to know more!

  3. prayers sent your way mama! :)

  4. Sick kids=No fun. I stumbled this for ya :)

  5. Thank you because we have a sick baby now too. We steam up the bathroom. We do use humidifiers but the one we have broke! Thanks for the post

  6. So's sad when our babes are sick..I am a humidifier nut! That is my cure for everything! LOL so glad you are sharing with other mommies..cuz it really works! by the way your little is sooo cute:)

  7. I think a humidifier is best. I was told by a pediatrician a long time ago that a vaporizer is good, but not good for a child with a fever. She told me that the warm air will keep the fever up.

  8. Great post! I really want a dual humidifier with a vaporizer so I can also do aromatherapy treatments with eucalyptus

  9. Poor little guy! I'm glad that he's getting better. I do a humidifier and then steam with eucalyptus essential oil.