Saturday, March 31, 2012

PART I: Help! Fluff, Fluff Everywhere!

When I first started using cloth diapers (Pre-Fluff Addict) I took so much care in putting my cloth diapers away nice and neat in a drawer (and I stress the singular use of the word).  This worked fine when I had 10 or so cloth diapers...not so much now that I have 40-60! Ahhh...the cloth diapers are taking over my life and rooms! I need a solution! Check out the pictures below of my fluff EVERYWHERE!

When I was at Walmart today, I purchased a plastic storage bin which just happened to be on CLEARANCE!!! I am such a sucker for a good deal! I think this will be the solution to my Fluffy Mess!! I will let you know how the organizing goes!!

What are your tips for storing/organizing your cloth diapers?

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