Friday, March 30, 2012

My Mall Trip. Lazy, But Talented.

My Mall Trip. Lazy, But Talented.

I was in the mall last week, with my mom, not to spend money (which I have none), but you know, just to get out! You see, if you have a baby, sometimes being home all day can become a little Groundhog Dayish, to coin the phrase!

Surprisingly, the mall has made a comeback in my life! Back in the day, the mall used to be a place to walk around with my pre-teen friends before I could drive. You would go to the mall to get the latest earrings from Claire's or the hottest top at the new and expensive store called Abercrombie! Wow, I am dating myself here! I couldn't afford Abercrombie than either...guess things haven't changed much accept now I have a baby!

On the other hand, maybe things have changed. When I was growing up, I took pride in working hard. I took pride in any talents or gifts I was given. Everything I accomplished I worked hard for. You see, I wasn’t one of those naturally gifted athletes (like the hubby who could master any sport in 1 minute). I worked hard for everything I became. My parents instilled those qualities in me by their example. I want to instill the same qualities in my son too!

Am I going to be fighting against the “norm” when teaching him to work hard? The picture above is my inspiration for this post. I saw this shirt in a popular sports store at the mall. I mean….REALLY? Are we teaching our kids that it is okay to just thrive and survive off of talent? Basically saying “if you have the talent, you don’t need to do the work.” In my opinion, this is SICK! Why would you even buy your child a shirt that says this? Shame on Nike. Their slogan has always been “Just Do It.” This shirt is a far cry from “Just Doing It.”

 Now I know that some people may think that the slogan on the shirt is supposed to be "funny." However, even "funny" phrases can eventually turn into a way of life. It is almost like subliminal messaging. It is too bad that our society seems to be changing from a hard-working mindset to one where you should just try to do as little as possible to get by. It looks like I will have to work even harder to instill these qualities in my son. But work harder I will. It is what I know.

I wonder what the next trip to the mall will bring.

What about you? If you stay at home with your little one’s do you try and “get out”? Where do you go to “get out”?

What do you think about the shirt slogan above?


  1. I agree with you on the slogan above. Really we need to em[power each other as women and girls. My kids are grown but I really did not shop malls to much then or now. I go more for discount stores.

    1. I don't shop at the mall either...too expensive! Love the other discount stores too!

  2. Yikers I hate the mall. All that traffic and shopping. NOPE not for this guy. BUT... I love grocery shopping for some reason...

    I also agree this T=Shirt totally sends the wrong message.

  3. You were so right when you said, "...changing from a hard-working mindset to one where you should just try to do as little as possible to get by". It's getting harder and harder for companies to find young people willing to work hard and I'm not sure what the answer is.

  4. I guess that shirt is a sign of our culture lately. People would rather be lazy and get something for nothing. Sad, really. Though I take those slogan shirts with a grain of salt.

    I try to get out of the house when I can. I like to take walks at the park or just go to Target and look around.

  5. I think that shirt probably is true for a bigger portion of our society then most people think. In my opinion everyone has a talent of some kind or other they just choose not to ever use them.

  6. I don't feel the need to get out a whole lot because we have a few activities for the kids. I find just keeping up with a family of 5 keeps me plenty busy! Every now and then though I do enjoy a lunch or coffee!

  7. I like going to the mall, there is a play place there with foam toys and floor, my boys love it. I enjoy walking around, we rarely walk out having purchased more then a drink. I also enjoy going to earth fare for some think I like to look at all that real, healthy, delicious food and work on ways to work our budget so we can purchase more and more from them and farmers markets.
    Another favorite place is the local cd store, it is less then 1 mile from my home, I walk there several times a month and visit with her on the stores slow days.

  8. As a second time mom, I know all too well how easy it is to just stay at home for whatever reason (laundry, cleaning, etc). However, now, I do try to get out even with a newborn. Just being outside while my preschooler bikes or runs around is nice...seeing the sun is nice.