Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jessica Simpson: Healthfully Pregnant

Photo by Boston Herald  
Jessica Simpson hasn't always been seen in the most positive light by the media. She is often quoted  for her "ditzy" the famous Chicken of the Sea One! But it seems that after the stint on her Newlywed Reality TV show, and her divorce, she wasn't as popular, or as skinny!

I know that she has publicly talked about her weight issues in the past, so it was a little surprising when I saw her for the first time since she announced her pregnancy!!
She had gained weight...and is no longer super skinny...which is actually kind of refreshing! I often thought (while watching her TV show...yes, I admit, I watched fact, I was addicted...being a newlywed myself) that she was too skinny! In fact, she was often asked to lose even more weight on top of that by producers or people in the music industry!

So often we see and hear about celebrities portraying an "unnatural" thinness...which to be quite honest is not normal, reality, or healthy for other women to see. It is normal to have baby weight to lose, and it is normal NOT to lose all the weight in 2 weeks. Some people are blessed with a quick metabolism, and money to hire trainers and chefs, but for us, the average run of the mill moms, this is NOT reality, it takes time! I must applaud her for being so self confident, vocal, and comfortable with her mommy body! It must be even harder for her being in the media spotlight...where they often poke fun at celebrities who go from being super thin to normal or a little overweight! In the same notion, too much weight gain can be detrimental as well. I appreciate the candidness (is that a word) and confidence that she brings to the light for all of us "normal" pregnant women. 

Now you may not agree with, or even like Jessica Simpson, but you must admit that it is kind of nice to see a celebrity that actually looks pregnant, they seem to be few and far between!

I wonder if she will be a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, or clothing diapering? I will keep my eyes out and let you know!

P.S. Rumor has it that she will be the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers after she has the baby...which on another side note she is rumored to be having a girl named Maxwell...Maxi for short! What a name right! Not my preference for a girl's name, but then again, I have a few in mind that are super secret and unique too:-)

What do you think about Jessica Simpson's transformation?

What do you think about her baby name?


  1. I agree with you, I've read lots of people criticizing her size, but you're right! It's actually not out of this world, if not "normal" to gain weight! I think it "is" refreshing to see.
    As for the baby name, it's all up to the parents. I can't judge, my whole family has foreign and unique names, and I like it that way.

  2. Honestly, I don't know much about Jessica Simpson. It is refreshing to see someone that isn't unnaturally skinny though. It's hard enough to be comfortable with your changing body. I can only imagine what it is like for a TV star.
    As for the name Maxi...It could be cute once you get used to it. My first thought on the name is maxi-pad, lol.

  3. I totally agree! I hadn't seen her preggo pics.

  4. I love it! I love that she gained a normal amount of weight! She looks awesome! People need to grow up and stop making nasty comments!

  5. I think it is amazing and the name is cute :O)

  6. I think she looks amazing! She really seems to be enjoying her pregnancy, good for her!

  7. I agree. Even her face is much rounder. And I love that she doesn't seem to care!!!

  8. I don't follow celebreties or anything but she does look healthy

  9. I agree! I've never been a huge fan of Jessica Simpson, but I think it's great that she looks so healthy now and "normal." I'm happy for her & her husband.