Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dads Talking Cloth Diapers

Not sure how I stumbled upon this video, but I must say, I got a kick out of it! The video clip is long, but I love hearing peoples opinions on Cloth Diapering either way! They start talking about Cloth Diapers from 3:20 to around 14:00 minutes. If you can't see the clip, go HERE to check it out!

I also love hearing how the guy on the left uses the word bobby pin instead of safety pins and how the first picture that comes to their minds when discussing cloth diapers is "Little House on the Prairie". It's too bad that these sterotypes are so prevalent in our society today. Cloth Diapers are easy, trim, and modern!

Some great points in the video are:

  • Cloth Diapers can save money
  • They don't cause the little one's area to become all "shrivlled up"
  • Eco Friendly
  • No Rash

What did you think about the video?

Do you think this "male" perspective is accurate?


  1. LOL! That's great! "Attempt on your life for saying that!"

  2. My husband is totally on board but he doesn't really care to learn about them like I do. He doesn't understand my addiction! hehe

    1. Same with my hubby...he doesn't really understand the addiction...although I won a softbums giraffe print and he was like "ohh I like this one" noticed a new diaper....ha ha ha!!