Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BabyWearing, Breastfeeding Beyonce

I had the news on this morning and they had a little segment on celebrities and babies! Looks like Beyonce is embracing mommyhood...she has been breastfeeding and been seen baby-wearing on a regular basis in public! This is great to see! Sometimes I think that if celebrities are doing these types of things publicly, it gets more "popular" and people become more "educated" on the benefits!

On a quick side note...did you hear that she is trying to Trademark her daughter's name Blue Ivy? Not sure what I think about that!

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  1. I love seeing celebs embracing their children :O) I understand the trademarking of her daughters name with fame comes people scamming off your fame.

    1. Me too:) Good point, I am sure people would try to scam off her fame and creativity! I would probably do the same thing when you think about it like that!

  2. I love it. Babywearing is my favorite and so glad to see Beyonce doing it!

  3. I love to see celebs wanting to be close to their kids. Stumbled this.

  4. That's fantastic. I hope that it inspires more people to do so.