Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where Did You put My Cell Phone!

I have a really funny cell phone story to share with you all and most of you can probably relate! It involves a 2 year-old and cell phones!

My niece is 2 years old, and we all know that every 2 year old loves a good cell phone...I mean how can't they? They see all us big adults with them, they light up, make noises, I would love to play with one if I was 2! 

So my niece took my sister's smartphone...which is another thing, if the phone was really smart...couldn't it just find itself?? I still haven't given into the smartphone craze...whole other topic! So as she was "playing" with her cell phone she put it "somewhere." When my sister went to use it, it was gone! You would think that she could just call it...not so easy, the phone was dead! When questioning her 2 year-old about it, the only answer she got was...

"on the floor"

Now this reall yposes some problems...was it on the floor in the house, outside the house, at another house? Yikes....hope she finds it soon...I miss texting her!

My little guy is too small to take things just yet, but I know this is right around the corner!

Do you  have a funny story about your kids taking something of yours and hiding it? Car keys, phones, etc? Please share, I would love to hear!


  1. I hope Alex doesnt hide our stuff. Paul and I are bad enough with losing things as it is. lol

  2. Ha Ha!!! Like your car keys??? LOL

  3. My friend Sue said her 2 year old son put the keys in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator!

  4. Julie, YOU hid my keys under the swival chair...fortunately we had a spare set. Adele once put one of her good shoes in the linen closet...tooks weeks to finally find it!

  5. Hello! Am your new follower. =) My girl is 2 and yes, she loves phones like everyone does. She would take my phone and miraculously be able to call daddy when he's at work. =) Anyway I gave her my old and spare phone now (without the SIM card) so she's so proud that she finally has her very own phone!

    Love to make new mommy friends, do stop by!


  6. I put things down and loose them all the time lately. I swear I need to tie strings to things.

  7. When Indiana was a puppy she would take all of my socks and hide them under the bed. When it came time to move a few months later there was a mountain of socks directly under the middle of the bed for the movers to find when they lifted it.

  8. I am constantly losing my cell phone. And I usually have it on silent... my one tip is, if the phone is still on (no dead battery) you can turn the lights off in rooms and call it - you may be able to see it light up.

  9. Cute!

    We were camping and when my husband took out his contacts he couldn't find his glasses. Long story short we finally found them buried in the ice water inside our cooler where our 3 year old had been playing with them.

  10. My 3 yo son likes to hide things. When we ask him where something is he grins with a twinkle in his eye and says 'Somewhere you don't know.'