Saturday, February 18, 2012

Got some new Fluff to Add to my Stash!!

So all you fluff lovers will be excited about this...I have some new fluff to add to my stash!!!! 

I ordered the Bumgenius Artist Series Diapers...on Cotton Babies website they were buy Two get one Free!! I have been dying to try some Bumgenius, and thought this was a good deal because I also got Free Shipping! I will be sure to post my reviews and thoughts on these diapers! Stay tuned!

Have you used Bumgenius Artist Diapers before?

If so, do you like the Snaps or Aplix better?


  1. Nice! I always thought those diapers looked cool. I really like the black one. I'm thinking about trying new diapers myself. I sold all of my fuzzibunz on ebay. I got what I paid for them which was great. I'm also selling one itti bitti and 2 bum genius aplix. For some reason he would also leak through the aplix diapers. I'm thinking about trying covers with inserts. I have realized I dont like microterry inserts because I have stinky issues with them. I really like bamboo diapers like the itti bitti's and whatever the swaddlebees are made out of. Also I'm only going to buy fitted diapers. Well let me know how you like them.

    1. Worst part about it is that I used a gift card to buy them! LOL! They are pretty cool, and I like the easy! Wow, all the fuzzibunz are gone! I have heard they have a great resale value!Did you get the hemp diaper you won yet? I hear hemp is great!!