Saturday, February 25, 2012

Organic Brown Rice Syrup

I have been wanting to do a post on this news story for the past few weeks, but was waiting to see if more information would come out. Here are some of the basics and my thoughts and opinions.

Where does Arsenic come from? Organic Arsenic is found naturally in soil and absorbed by crops (such as rice). Inorganic Arsenic is found in pesticides and was banned in 2009.

What is Brown Rice Syrup? Brown Rice Syrup is a sweetener used in many organic or gluten-free powdered baby formulas.

How does this happen? Because Brown rice is not processed like white rice, the arsenic levels are higher--hence brown rice syrup has higher levels. 

So What Does this mean for Me? If you are currently feeding your baby organic powdered baby formula, be sure to check the label and see what ingredients are in the formula. The ingredients are listed from top to bottom as highest amount to least amount. Rumors are flying around about the brand Nature's One. I do not use baby formula and can not vouch either way as the study does not release the brands affected. I encourage you research this for yourself and keep your eyes on the labels. Hopefully this will encourage the FDA to take steps toward regulating arsenic in foods, especially for babies!

In this day and age, why do you think Arsenic not regulated in the U.S?

Why are the Brand Names of the products affected not being released to the public. This seems irresponsible to me...why let people continue to risk giving their babies poisoned formula that has arsenic levels 20x-30x above other formulas?


  1. If some Arsenic is organic that must mean that some small amounts of Arsenic are okay for humans. Do you know at what amounts Arsenic is unhealthy for humans? Or in that same thought for babies?

    Interesting post...

  2. I am finding that there are SO many things in our food that are dangerous that the government continues to allow. I don't get it ESPECIALLY for products we are giving babies! I never used powdered baby formula either but this would scare me if I was!

  3. Yup the Government is so messed up. It reports things sometimes that are completely harmless and misses the boat on many others that are very harmful. Anything to do with babies should be a big top priority.

    :) Great post and great to see you bringing awareness

  4. Very interesting. I did not know about all this organic baby food when mine were growing up but this is good to know for future grandchildren.

  5. I just heard about this in my local newspaper. I am no idea why this is not regulated. We do feed our children all organic.

  6. Interesting. It would be interesting to see how much organic arsenic would be found in a representative sample of brown rice made into brown rice syrup compared to say corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup as compared to honey or agave.

    I also wonder if this warning is along the lines of the dog treat warning that keeps popping up where the government says don't buy dog treats from China because it is killing dogs yet no real connection has been found and multiple tests are being done both by the government and the companies themselves and nothing is turning up that is abnormal in any way or causing the company to have to pull the product. Nor is the government naming brands that are affected.

    Since no testing had been done on natural arsenic in terms of its effect on us I think they need to do the testing before they issue statements that are geared to scare people away from natural products to ones that are overly processed. Something to watch for sure and limit giving to your children but probably healthier overall then the same amount of corn syrup.

  7. I agree. The FDA does need to regulate more things, this included (since you have opened my eyes). Good way to start bringing awareness!