Monday, December 5, 2011

Polyester Allergy?

So now that I have been cloth diapering for almost 1 month, it seems that I have a little little guy is constantly breaking out in diaper rash!!!!! I am at my whits end as to why this is happening. Here is what I have tried so far:

1) Changing him every hour to hour 1/2
2) Doing an extra rinse when washing to be sure the detergent isn't left on the diaper
3) Changing detergents
4) Making the diapers a little looser

So far nothing has worked!!! I am pulling my hair out over this (or should I say it's falling out because of the hormones!) I am currently using the Flip System with the Stay Dry inserts as well as some Fuzzi Buns and a few miscelaneus diapers like Rumperooz, Kawaii, and Happy Heinys.

So the researcher in me starts looking up cause of diaper rash in Cloth Diapers!! And low and behold.......I found that some babies actaually have allergies to some of the synthetic materials in Cloth Diapers. The Flip Diaper Stay Dry Inserts are made of 100% polyester.....hmmmm.....I continue researching to find that babies can be allergic to polyester. In fact some babies that have a sensitivity to the chemicals in disposables also have a sensitivity to polyester!!! is starting to make sense!

My little guy also had a sensitivity to the disposables as well! So I continue to read seems that 100% cotton is a good choice for cloth diapers because there are VERY few cases of allergies to Cotton!! So this is the direction I am headed!!

But before I invest more money into 100% cotton inserts, I need to make sure that this is the problem. I went to Walmart and bought some cheap cotton pre-fold cotton diapers!!! I washed them all and will use them on my baby's bottom to see if he has the same reaction!

If this is the answer to my problems, the Flip Diaper system comes with Organic Inserts which are made of 100% Organic Cotton...I can order those instead of the stay dry inserts! I read under some review for the Flip Inserts that some people had problems with the Stay Dry and once they switched to the Organic, the problem was gone!!! NOTE TO SELF: It is always important to read the labels of your cloth diapers and to not invest in a large amount of a certain brand/style until your baby arrives!!

Has anyone else had any problems similar to this? Any advice, tips, experiences?

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