Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Cloth Diapers and Accessories to Use when Traveling

In a few weeks, I will be leaving to go visit my "Stash Sister" and her new baby! I am super excited, but at the same time I have never traveled for an extended period of time with cloth diapers before. I am determined to make it happen. 

The only problem that I tend to have is *cough* overpacking. I WAY overpack with everything for that "just in case" situation. But I am determined to be efficient, and it starts with packing for the baby...which includes my diapers. 

I have oh so much cute fluff that I would love to take with me and "show off", but I am afraid I will have to let the practical side of me take over. I need to pack diapers that are easy to use and slim. My favorite types of diapers for traveling are covers with inserts such as prefolds or flats.

Here are some of the best cloth diapers to travel with:

1) Flip Covers - this can include the covers and reusable or disposable inserts. I plan to use the reusable inserts.

2) GroVia Covers also has covers with inserts that are disposable or reusable.

3) Best Bottom Cover covers are also great with their snap in inserts.

4) Swaddlebees Capri Cover is another great cover to travel with, plus they have really cute prints (this would solve the problem above). 

5) Econobum Cover - a cover that works great and is cost effective. 

Now for the best inserts to travel with:

1) Flip Stay Dry or Organic Inserts
2) Diaper Rite Flats or Prefolds
3) Best Bottom Inserts  
4) Swaddlebees Inserts
5) Babykicks Hemp Prefolds

My top accessories to travel with:

1) Hanging Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag
2) GroVia "On the Go" Pack 
3) CJ's BUTTer Stick - Blueberry Crumble is my favorite
4) Not related to cloth diapers...a good baby carrier
5) A sidekick - aka hubby, mom, sister, friend etc.

Have you ever traveled with Cloth Diapers?

If so, what are your favorite diapers or accessories to travel with?

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  1. We drove to FL over the summer from Chicago, tailed through NC and KY on the way home (so took the long way home). My stash is nothing like most of you CD moms, I like to keep things simple with prefolds, a couple inserts for extra boost and Thirsty's covers. So, I also have gdiapers which I like b/c I can use either a cloth insert or disposable. While on the road I used the gdiaper and disposable inserts (I refuse to cart poop w/ me!), then I had my wet bag. I was fortunate to have access to a washer and a way to dry (had to use a dryer a couple times due to weather, but was able to hang them out on our balcony while in FL!) I will confess that I brought some disposable diapers in case of emergency or if I found it way too hard in the car, but only wound up using like 3 disposables the entire week! So, good luck! :)

    1. That is awesome! That is a long trip too! We are flying so it will be a little easier...although changing on a plane might be I love prefolds and flats as well! I use them in my stash on a regular basis! I am lucky because I am staying with my sister, I will have access to a washer and dryer, which makes things much easier! I will let you know how I make out!!

  2. wow this is super helpful, we travel a lot to see family all over the country!!

  3. These are all great tips! I agree with traveling, the less bulk, the better! And, yes, a sidekick!

  4. If I packed my cutest fluff I would need a separate suitcase just for them!

  5. I have never used cloth on a plane or anything but I did bring it when we went away for 4 days this summer. I brought my grovia AI2 with the cloth inserts and just washed everything when I got home. I would say flushable liners are a must have for me when traveling with cloth.

  6. We haven't taken a long trip yet. The furthest we have gone is 3 hours to camp but it was easier than I thought. I guess the hardest part was making sure I remembered everything. We just cleaned everything when we got home so it wasn't a big deal but if I was going on a longer trip, I would definitely go with the flushable liners

  7. Good tips! We traveled once via plane and I took my cloth diapers..mostly pockets. We had access to a washer and dryer while we were away so it wasn't a big deal. I wish I were brave enough to bring my cloth on trips like camping and to the beach!

  8. We have traveled with a mixture of disposables and cloth diapers. In our most recent road trip to my parents, I used up the disposables I had left on the actual drive there and back. While at my parents, I used our cloth diapers. I just took all of them and all our wet bags. It worked out fine.

    We also had a summer vacation at the beach. Since we were flying and the access to a washer/dryer was not guaranteed, we used Grovia covers with Biosoakers. They worked great even over night. We had enough to get us almost the whole week. I took our cloth for the last couple of days and just stuck the dirties in wetbags to wash when we got home.

  9. I LOVE travelling with hybrids/AI2s. My current favorite is Best Bottoms as my infant and toddler can use the same shells, rise setting, and inserts.

  10. I LOVE travelling with hybrids/AI2s. My current favorite is Best Bottoms as my infant and toddler can use the same shells, rise setting, and inserts.

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!! We will be traveling with an infant in about 3 months. We are so nervous. Hopefully we can use this as a cheatsheet!