Friday, September 21, 2012

My Stash Sister Bought Cloth Diapers!!!!!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about converting my sister to cloth diapers with her new baby that would be arriving soon. My sister is not...shall we say...totally "gung ho" about cloth diapers like her sister is. I have been putting "the bug" in her ear about how cute they are and how much money they would save her! 

So as we were skyping last week and she whips out some cloth diapers!!!! Wowza! I was shocked!!! They were fitted cloth diapers at that! She had 1 XS Mother-ease Cover and 1 XS Sandy's Fitted Diaper. I was impressed.

I was also secretly:
1) Surprised she even had cloth diapers
2) Thrilled that she might try them
3) Even happier that I would get them when she was done:-)

I snapped the above pictures from our session! Looks like I will be giving her a lesson on these in the near future! Stay tuned for more updates on my Stash Sister as she enters the cloth diaper world!!

Were you ever surprised at a family member or friend who was closer to cloth diapering than you thought?

Who are you trying to convert to cloth diapers?


  1. awww thats so awesome!! you have converted her!! crazy thing is that she went for fitteds!! but im sure you have talked to her about the difference. so happy for you both!!

  2. I'm working on my cousin, and a friend of ours and their daughter. She's 16 and just found out that she's expecting. I feel like cloth could really ease their burden of this unexpected little blessing. Honestly, I would find a way to buy her starter stash if they would do it.

    I love ALL my diapers, I seriously don't have a real preference over the types. I love them all for their own reasons. I think fitteds can be awesome for newborns though, that and prefolds!

  3. Yay!! My SIL and her husband use cloth diapers on my nephew, which I was shocked when I found out they were looking into cloth diapers. I asked early on in her pregnancy if they were planning on using cloth diapers, and she said, "No." But about 2-3 months before J. was born, I received a call from her husband asking, "We're hoping to use cloth diapers and were wanting to know more information about the different types of cloth diapers." They choose to use pocket diapers and have Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius diapers.

  4. What cute pictures - you both are gorgeous! And I recognized the Motherease right away; it's funny but my sister also started using cloth last year and ME is one of her favorite brands. :-) Anne

  5. My brother came to visit to meet his 1st niece and I was talking about cloth diapering (how to do something... I don't remember what) but then I said that he probably didn't really need to know as he probably wasn't going to cloth diaper. My single, grad-student brother surprised me by saying that he probably would!