Thursday, September 27, 2012

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers on Shark Tank Tomorrow!!

Does anyone watch the show Shark Tank on ABC? My hubby and I love to sit down and watch this show together every Friday night. Shark Tank is a TV series where people pitch their ideas, inventions, or established businesses to 5 investors (Sharks) looking for the next great idea! I have always been intrigued by the inventions that people come up with!

This week, Tereson Dupuy, owner and inventor of FuzziBunz will be featured on the show! You can imagine how excited I am as two of my favorites things are combining together! Shark Tank and Cloth Diapers!!!

History of FuzziBunz :

Tereson Dupuy is the founder and CEO of FuzziBunz Diapers, LLC and the inventor and patent holder for FuzziBunz® pocket-style cloth reusable diapers. Tereson is often called the Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper. This determined mother-of-three invented FuzziBunz® diapers 12 years ago  because her son, was suffering from chronic diaper rash. She tried every cloth and disposable diapering system on the market to no avail. After an exhaustive search, Tereson knew there had to be a better option and that’s when she invented the modern cloth diapers, now known as FuzziBunz®. Today, FuzziBunz® diapers are found in hundreds of online and in-store boutiques and have been used by millions of babies around the world! (Taken from the FuzziBunz website)

I am curious as to what exactly Dupuy will be "pitching" to the Sharks. FuzziBunz is one of the most well-known, established and successful companies within the cloth diapering community. In fact, the first cloth diaper I ever purchased was a FuzziBunz. Here are some  guesses as to what FuzziBunz may "pitch" to the Sharks:
  • Expanding to the mass markets (walmart, target)
  • Coming up with a new design or feature to improve current products and make them more easily accessible, and easy to use for moms and dads
I for one will be routing for FuzziBunz. Even if they don't make a deal with the sharks, the exposure for the ease of use, practicality, and cost savings of modern day cloth diapers will be huge. Can you imagine the audience that will just see the program? This could be a giant step forward for cloth diapers!!

Since I am still staying with my Stash Sister, I will be having the entire house tune in whether they like it or not. They have already had a 1 week warning that I am claiming the TV for that time period. Be sure to tune in to TOMORROW with me, Friday September 28th at 8pm EST on ABC  to find out what the next big step for FuzziBunz is! Be sure to check your local listings for channels and times. For more information on this week's episode, check out the Shark Tank Blog.

Have you ever watched Shark Tank before?
What do you think the big "pitch" will be?
Will you be tuning in this Friday?

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  1. OOOh! I love this show. I don't watch regularly, well, because I dont watch anything regularly, but I will tune in for sure! I am excited for the exposure too!