Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am still the only one in the family with glasses for now...Part II

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you will know that about 3 months ago, my son was referred to an eye specialist because his eyes still "didn't seem to be tracking right". To my surprise, the pediatric eye doctor dilated his eyes and after an examination, we were told that he is a 6 out of 10 on some farsightedness baby eye got me how they know all this stuff. Well evidently 6 out of 10 is NOT good. In fact it is baby glasses material! Normally babies fall between 1-3 on this scale.

So fast forward to this past week where we had our follow-up appointment (see picture above courtesy of hubby's instagram). As the first appointment was considered a baseline for the doctor, this appointment would tell more.

The doctor again dilated his little eyes and did an exam again. But little J.T. being 3 months older provided a few more challenges for the doctor. One being that J.T was more interested in the black eye paddle than the baby toy the doctor was using to get his attention, and the other being he was much more "squirmy" not wanting to sit still! But besides that we survived...and with good news!

The doctor told us that little J.T's eyes were now a 5. YEAH! An answer to our prayers. The number went down! Now this is not a dramatic drop, but it is still a drop. We are almost in the normal range! I can taste it! The doctor decided to hold off on the glasses at this time. We have another follow up appointment in 3 months at which time if the numbers continue to decrease, he will probably not need glasses. But if the number stabilizes at 5, we may be looking for some cute frames. 

I know I get upset about something so trivial, but I am his mom! We are grateful because it could be much worse. So until then, we continue life glasses free...well except for me:-) And I will spare you a picture of me in my glasses because I won't be half as cute as him!

Did any of your babies ever need glasses?

Do you know any babies that used glasses?

How are all your doctor check up's going?

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  1. So far neither of my kids need glasses, but I figure they will wear them eventually. Everybody in my family needs glasses and dh wears them too. My dad was a preemie and wore glasses from a very early age.