Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheap Cloth Wipes at Walmart..I am talking $0.23 each Cheap!

You all know me and my love for WalMart! I am always looking for cheap stuff there to add to my cloth diaper stash! Lately I have been in search of cloth wipes. 

A few months ago, I came across these awesome baby washcloths at Walmart. I only grabbed 1 pack, not knowing how they would work. Little did I know they would work awesome!! I went back to snag a few more packs, and someone bought the entire stock out!!! Just my luck! I ask the person working in the baby section about when they might be back in stock and she says "well I don't have the re-order code anymore because someone scratched it off." I am thinking....WHAT??? Isn't there some GIGANTIC WALMART ORDERING BOOK you can look in? I needed these wipes. The worker said she would do her best to "find the code."

Every time I go into Walmart since that day, I have been looking to see if they came back in stock only to be disappointed. I mean...who can turn down a great deal....4 of these wipes for $0.94. Plus they are cute and work perfect.

So finally this past week, I checked again...and YES!!! They finally got them in. I stocked up and bought 6 packages!

I like these wipes because they are thin and fold well into a plastic huggies travel case for on the go wiping. If you are looking to snag some of these wipes, check the end caps or sides of the aisles.

Have you ever seen or tried these wipes/washcloths at your local Walmart?

If you use cloth wipes, what do you use to make them cheap?


  1. I also use baby size washcloths. Another thing that works well is cutting up old cotton t-shirts or flannel pajama pants. They are soft and thin enough to work really well. I keep them in a plastic Huggies wipes container. I actually prefer thinner ones like these to the official cloth wipes that I have bought online in the past.

  2. I made my own with a ripped flannel receiving blanket. Just cut them to size and zig-zag stitch the edges.

  3. I have found them over by the diapers in the food area by the formula and baby food, you might look there. Also I get them super cheap at yard sales, I got about 15-20 last weekend for $1!

  4. I have some of these and love them too! I even like them better than some of the more expensive, cloth diaper made ones I have. But, shh...don't tell :)

  5. Thanks for the tip, I am just getting into cloth diapering and I wanted to use cloth wipes, but found so many cute printed WAHM companies charging 10 for a pack of 4 and just can't bring myself to pay that. I also like the tip of making your own.

  6. The problem with these washcloth wipes is that after several washes, they get rough. I use them too!

    1. Have you tried the new ones? I have a few of the older version wipes and they get hard and rough, however these new ones have been through 10 washes and still soft! Maybe they changed the materials slightly:-)