Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How fast can your Daddy diaper? @Cottonbabies

This is gonna be a good one! Have you seen the latest contest sponsored by Cotton Babies? It's called the Can Challenge and it's for DAD's only! That's right! Starting June 16th, your dad can enter for a chance to win a huge price pack! All he has to do is change a diaper...really fast. So break out those stop watches, and let the training begin ladies!

How to time the change: 
1. Place baby on the official diaper changing mat. Baby must be wearing a diaper.
2. Participant places hands on the official diaper changing mat.
3. When hands are lifted from the official diaper changing mat timer starts.
4. Timer stops when diaper is changed, secure, and hands are placed back on the official diaper changing mat.
5. Retailer reports* official participant time to The CAN Challenge.

My hubby will be really thrilled, I mean sad to see that there are no participating locations in Connecticut. Booo! Although from the picture below he thinks he is #1 already:-) Just kidding, this was a picture of him telling me not to take a picture. All joking aside, he is a big fan of cloth diapers, and would probably do it if I asked. He is also very of those gifted people who is good at every sport he tries. So ladies...consider yourselves lucky he is out!

Is your daddy going to participate?

Does your daddy use cloth diapers?

How fast can he change diapers?

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  1. So funny! Jon loves cloth, probably b/c they save him so much money! He has no problem changing Chloe's diapers. Anyway, no Virginia participants. Surprising for such a big state!