Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 2 of Summer #BlogChallenge - A Picture of Me Smiling

Kassandra from Going Green with the Girlz has issued a Summer Blog Challenge. Each day from June through August, she will give us a topic to blog about. While I know this summer will be super busy, I am going to try to do a couple of posts a week. I want this to be pressure-less. Plus I won't get kicked out if I don't do every post...or even feel guilty:-) 

Day 2 - Photo of Yourself Smiling (This Post)
Day 6 - Nicknames (They call me Tink)
Day 7-15 - OOPS
Day 16 - Fitness Guru or Couch Potato (Hi, my name is Julie and I ride the wave)
Day 17 - 3 Personality Traits that make me Proud (Christmas Loving, Shoe Addict)

I don't have one of just me (at least that I can find right now - so you get my whole family:-) Taken at a wedding from a photo booth. Too bad I'm not looking at the camera. This is so typical of least I have my eyes open. P.S. This is a picture taken of a not great quality, but the one below is better

This one is a little better! At least we are looking!


  1. Love the blue eyes!
    CJR @ TMB

  2. These pictures are so cute! Your son's facial expressions are cracking me up!!!

  3. Super Cute! I'm a cloth diaper-er and I can't wait to follow your posts!

  4. Adorable pics and I love the look on the little one's face! LOL! Now to browse all of your cloth diapering posts. I'm an addict! ;)