Saturday, May 26, 2012

My #FlatsChallenge Participating MOM!

It's Day 6 in the Flats and Hand Washing Challenge hosted by Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry. I have survived! I have had a great time blogging my whole experience too! But I think today's post will be my favorite.

When I first started thinking about doing cloth diapers (in general) my mom thought I was a little nuts. To be honest, I thought I was a little nuts too. I stuck with it, and six months later, I am still going strong! Once my mom saw how easy these modern cloth diapers were, she quickly became a cloth diapering grandma (or La La as she calls herself)! She always talks about how easy they are as compared to when she cloth diapered our little bums, and she would know because every Tuesday, she uses the Cloth Diapers while she watches him all day!

But when the challenge started creeping up on me, I was a little nervous. What would my Mom think of the challenge...would she want to go back to the "old school" ways? Would she be willing to help me complete the week with all flats?

So on Monday, I introduced her to all the flats and showed her some of the techniques that I had learned. She was excited, and it reminded her of when she used to cloth diaper. She also didn't look at my like I was crazy for wanting to use flats and hand wash...unlike everyone else around me! She was even trying to remember a folding technique that someone had taught her. I had prepped her:-)

So I showed up Tuesday morning with flats, receiving blankets, and covers in tow. I must say my Mom came and conquered the challenge to it's fullest extent. You see, my son had a HUGE blowout while at her house! She took it like a trooper and even washed the poop out (without a sprayer). Success.

Then later on during the week, I stayed overnight at her house because my hubby was out of town. Since I did a load of diapers at her house, she actually made me a makeshift clothesline on her porch for my diapers to dry! Now that's a Flats Challenge Mom if I ever saw one!
My mom has helped me stay on track to complete this challenge! I am so blessed to have the support  from her...not only with the Flats Challenge, but with my normal cloth diapers. While she is picky and likes to use the Flips (but who isn't), I greatly appreciate her efforts to help with my diapering goals as a parent. She even asks me questions like "how many diapers do you think you need to start cloth diapering...just in case anyone asks me." I would say she is a Modern Day Cloth Diaper Grandma (La La) Advocate:-)

How do your family members handle your cloth diapering? Are they helpful, or do they not want anything to do with it?

Do you find it easier for your mom's to understand cloth diapers if they cloth diapered themselves?


  1. Questions about when your mom is daycare....does she was out the poppy diapers or does everything go in one bag for you to wash? I am trying to figure out how this will work at daycare since I am new to it. Any advice???

    1. My mom only watches my son 1 day a week. I did do a post on cloth diapers in daycares as well:

      My mom does wash out poopy diapers for me, but I am thinking that in a daycare situation, they will probably not wash out the poop. They will just throw the dirty diaper in your wet bag. If I were you, I would get (2) wet for poopy diapers, and one for wet diapers. That way, the poopy diapers won't get all over the wet diapers. Then if you don't have any poopy diapers, you will have them all in one, and save the other wet bag.

      But remember you may need to play around with your routine to get it the way you like it:-) Be sure to wash out poopy diapers as soon as you get home. This will help with stains!

      Hope this helps:-)

  2. What a great, supportive La La! My mom laughed when I told her I wanted to loth diaper and said, "We'll see how long that lasts!" That was 4 years ago ;) She's come around a good bit, and does love how cute modern cloth diapers are. When I told my mother-in-law I was going to cloth diaper she told me that it was, "A lot of work." She also bought me disposables for "just in case." She has since come around, and she has used both flats and modern cloth diapers while watching my kids. ~Melissa

    1. She is great:-) Thanks! I am glad your mom came around too!!

  3. My mom doesn't think I'm crazy, but she really only uses cloth if she is watching them at my house. At her house she has disposables. They don't remember to change the kids often enough.

  4. Your Flat Challenge has given me the courage to use flat with my little one when he/she arrives! Thanks so much!