Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fluffy Wishes Blogger Sign-Up's**CLOSED**

Fluffy Wishes Diaper Closet is a cloth diaper lending service serving Southwest Michigan. Fluffy Wishes provides cloth diapers to low income families who can not afford to diaper their children, or have to make the choice between diapers and the basic necessities in life. Fluffy Wishes runs completely on volunteers and donations. There is no cost to families who are approved for the program.

In honor of opening their doors, and to help raise awareness of their services, Fluffy Wishes is sponsoring a Huge Giveaway Event and Twitter Party to help raise money and donations for their diaper closet. Here is what you can do to help.
  • Make a financial donation to Fluffy Wishes
  • Make a diaper donation to Fluffy Wishes
  • BLOGGERS Can help to be a part of the giveaway
  • SPONSORS Can donate items for the giveaway
To donate money or cloth diapers, please go HERE for more information.

If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway prize, please contact

The Prizes...and Counting...

GRAND PRIZE (Ribbons n Stitches):
1 Bumkins Pocket Diaper
1 Bumkins Cover
2 FuzziBunz Elite's
2 Kawaii Heavy Wetter's 
1 Thirsties AIO
1 Thirsties Fitted
2 Best Bottom Shells
2 Microfiber Inserts (1 Medium, 1 Large) 
1 Changing Diapers Book
FuzziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail
Cutey Baby Wet bag
Rockin' Green Sample
Jar of Mother's Love

1 Original Ergo Baby Carrier (Black/Camel)

4 Bububibi Bamboo Pocket Diapers
1 Go Green Champ 2.0

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers - Cloth Diaper
Buttercup Baby - ??
Pure and Simple Baby - Dandelion Organic Diaper Bag
Boba - Mystery Twitter Party Only Prize
Rockin' Green - Bag of Laundry Detergent 
The Balm - $30 Gift Card 
Rumpkinz - Mystery Twitter Party Only Prize
Super Lotion - Pure Joy Pack, (5) Happy Packs, Super Happy Pack, Lip Balm
Lollido - To be announced...
Diva Cup - Prize Package
SoftBums - Omni Solo Cloth Diaper Pack
Fluffy Wishes - Mystery Twitter Party Only Prize (HINT: Econobum)
Green Baby Goods - $20 Gift Card
Greenie Beanie Bottoms - $20 Gift Card
Ecobloomers - $10 Gift Card
FuzziBunz - (2) Elite Diapers
Bummis  - Cloth Diaper Starter Pack
Jack's Choice - $15 Gift Card
Kissed by the Moon - Hanging Planetwise Wet Bag
Scents from the Moon - candle package

Bloggers, Listen Up!
Are you interested in helping out fluffy wishes with your blog? Sign Up's start at only $2 each per link on the Rafflecopter form. You can snag up to 5 links if you want! Please keep in mind that the most successful links are normally Facebook and Twitter, however many people will go the extra mile at the chance for these great prizes. It's up to you...1 or all 5 links! The funds raised (fees you pay) will go directly to Fluffy Wishes and their efforts to provide cloth diapers to those in need.
  • Facebook ($2)
  • Twitter  ($2)
  • E-Mail Subscribe  ($2)
  • GFC, Networked Blogs, or Linky Followers  ($2)
  • RSS Subscribe  ($2)
**Oh wait...did I mention that there is a referral prize too? The person who refers the most bloggers to sign up will win a FuzziBunz Wet Bag!**

The event will run from July 12-24, and will end with a Twitter Party on July 24th at 9PM EST. Please come to the twitter party for the announcement of all the prizes and some special Mystery Twitter Party Only Prizes as well!

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you. Here's how to get started...

  1. Grab the Event button (above) and place it on your blog's sidebar to help spread the word.
  2. Join the Fluffy Wishes Facebook Group Page for the latest updates.
  3. Send your payment via Paypal to as a personal gift.
  4. Fill out the google document below with all your info.
  5. Add your blog to the linky list:-)

P.S. Bloggers can enter the giveaway as well, as long as it is from your personal page, and not your blog or fan pages!

In the end, we are all hoping to promote Fluffy Wishes and gain some new followers in the process! The more people that help to "sponsor" this giveaway, the more successful and far reaching it will become!! Click the link below to sign up!


  1. I would absolutely grab the button to put on my blog if I had a blog.

  2. AHH! SO excited about this! Marked on my calendar :)

  3. what an amazing giveaway!! my birthday is during this giveaway.. hope i hit the jackpot this time!!! :) thanks so much~ i'm looking forward to it!

  4. Thank you so much! Hoping for that ergo!

  5. this looks fun! i love twotter parties but i never seem to win!

  6. Wow, glad this will help families in need to cloth their babies!!

  7. I'm really looking forward to this event. It looks like it's gonna be awesome!

  8. Cloth Diaper News lists cloth related Twitter parties. Is there a hash tag & RSVP form for the Twitter party? Thanks!

  9. Amazing giveaway and such a great idea to help low income families! We got help when we started out 2.5 years ago

  10. I signed up for this, but I can't remember if I have paid yet or not. Is there a way to check? LOL.