Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Introducing the One and Only True One-Sized Diaper: Booty Buns Review & Giveaway

GO GREEN ♥ GIVE CHARITYDid you ever have the problem of a One-Size Cloth Diaper not truly being one sized? I know that when my son was born (6 lbs) there was no way he would fit into any of my one-sized diapers that claim to fit a baby from "birth to potty training." That was until I won a Booty Buns Cloth Diaper from Shannon, the owner of Booty Buns!! This diaper can fit babies from 3lbs to 45lbs!

Check out my size comparison charts below. Booty Buns is matched to another brand of pocket diaper in both the smallest and largest settings! In both instances, the Booty Buns is smaller at it's smallest and larger at it's largest. I love the look of how compact it gets as well as how large it can be!
Below are some pictures of how it fits on my "newborn size" cloth diapering bear. Sadly, my little guy is beyond that stage:-( Check out the comparison of how small the stuffed animal is and the smallest setting on the diaper! This diaper gets really small! It actually fit the bear very well! I am impressed!

I was also excited to see that instead of the usual 2-3 rows of snaps to adjust the length of the diaper , her diapers have a whopping 4 rows = 5 Height Levels!! This is AWESOME!! The first diaper of it's kind!

But I must give you more of the dirt (or should I say poop) on these diapers! It's not just the true one-size feature that I love, there are many other things too!

How about the fact that every diaper comes with a matching Cloth Wipe, (2) Inserts with Snaps, A Liner, and the Shell itself! Woof...that is a lot!

Or did I mention that for every Booty Bun Cloth Diaper  purchased, one will be donated to a baby in need. Shannon, the owner, will be donating these diapers to babies with disabilities, to babies in third world countries, and to Operation Showers of Appreciation, which honors military families with the gift of Cloth Diaper for Mom's who's Dad's are deployed, or will deploy within 3 months of the baby being born! 

This is near and dear to my heart because my sister is an Army Wife. She currently has one daughter and another on the way. Her husband (only 24 years old) has already been to Iraq two times! He may also be deploying shortly after the birth of their second child in September! I know it would mean so much to me, if women like my sister had the opportunity to save money and use Cloth Diapers on their babies!

Now back to the is another shot of the inside of the diaper! 

Things I LOVE about these Cloth Diaper (besides all of the above):
  • Double Gussets (to keep the poop in)
  • 2 Openings in the front and back of diaper...makes putting the insert in easier
  • A snap to hold the insert in and prevent it from sliding around
  • Waterproof PUL strip in the front to keep the diaper from wicking
  • The two rows of cross over waist snaps to help customize the fit for your baby (especially those skinny ones)
  • You get a cloth wipe, 2 inserts with snaps, and  a liner (oh wait, I already said that!)
  • The inside of this diaper is made of super soft suedecloth
  • The elastic in the back of the diaper also helps to provide a better more "snug" fit
  • I love all the vibrant/bright colors they come in
My Experience with the Diaper:
I loved this diaper! It fit my son very well. He is approximately14 lbs and he is very thin! This diaper fit well around his tummy creating a seal and thus preventing leaks! I get worried with a lot of diapers because Baby J.T. is so thin, but I did not have any problems with this diaper. As I said before, I really loved the double gussets, especially since my little guy is still breastfed (those poops tend to slide around in the diaper). The double gussets help hold the poop in!

I also loved how high the diaper came up on my son's waist. I personally am a fanatic of having a high waist with the elastic to hold in those poops! This diaper did a great job with that. It is relatively trim for being a pocket diaper too. As many of you may know, many pocket diapers tend to be a little more bulky, but I found this diaper to be fairly trim!

The suedecloth material is just divine. I love diapers that are made out of this material. It is super soft and doesn't seems to "pill" as easily as does the microfleece. In addition, the (2) snapable inserts are great, one smaller, and one larger. You can use one or both for a heavy wetter!

What I Would Change:
If I had to be VERY picky, I would probably say that I would love to see this diaper in Aplix, all sorts of cute prints, and a few more colors! The diaper does tend to be on the expensive side, but if you think about everything you receive (liner, wipe, inserts), and the fact that diapers are being donated, it does justify the price a little! For many families, I realize that this simply may not be an affordable price. I must say that the wipe included works fabulous! It is thick and holds up well in the wash.

I also have no experience in testing this diaper out on a newborn or 3lb baby! My son was approximately 14 lbs at the time I reviewed this diaper. It does get very small, and I am almost positive it would fit well on him at his birth weight (6lbs). I am not sure about babies that are smaller than that...and I hope that I would never personally have to find that out. When I have my next baby (don't get too excited, at least another year or so) I will try this diaper out on him in the hospital! In the same token, I have not used this diaper up until 45lbs, so I also have no experience in that aspect as well! But I will let you know when we get there!

I would also love to see this diaper as an All-In-Two or Cover and Insert System (Hybrid). It already has the snaps to hold the liner in place, all it is missing is a liner that is safe to be placed directly in contact with the baby's bottom. Either system would make the Booty Buns Diaper Brand so much more versatile! I am so impressed with the brand and the owner that I think Booty Buns has a lot more that will be coming our way in the future:-)

You can Purchase your own Booty Buns Cloth Diaper to try for only $25.50 (down from $31.50)!

I was not given this diaper. I won this diaper in a giveaway on another blog. These opinions are 100% my own and I have not been compensated in any way for my review.
**Be on the lookout in May for the giveaway that Shannon will be sponsoring on my blog!! To get a jump start on the entries, you can "Like" her on Facebook, and "Follow" her on Twitter. To learn more about her company and how she started it, check out the Interview I did with ShannonBe sure to check out her blog as well!

Have you tried these Diapers before? If so, what do you think?


  1. Great job! :) Booty Buns is awesome! I agree more options would be fun!

  2. seriously, where was this stuff when my son was born?! i hate 2012 LOL

  3. Awesome review! I too am a huge fan of prints and would love to see them in prints.

  4. Great review! Wow, a diaper that can fit 3-45 lbs? That's great!

  5. Wow this was neat to learn. I wish I had done the Cloth diaper with my kids. You make it sounds so easy!

  6. I love pink a booty. Have not tried this diaper {yet}, but I hope to some day.

  7. I love your bear model, very cute. Thanks for the review. I have a slim but long baby and this might be a diaper to add to our stash, especially since I've been looking for one with double gussets.

  8. Great review. thanks for sharing.

  9. I too would love to see some prints.

  10. Awesome! My baby is due August 30th and I have been researching and ordering different types of diapers, but have been getting hung up on the "newborn stage". These sound terrific. I will definitely be purchasing some!

  11. I haven't tried these yet, but I like how the diaper comes with all the things you need instead of having to buy everything separately.

  12. Just now learning about you guys, and first want to say its awesome that your goal is to give away lifetime supplies of diapers to those who can't afford them. I wish I had known about your diapers back when my babies were born (4 lbs, and 3lbs, 6oz, because nothing fit on them then!) Thank you for sponsoring the Mother's Day cloth event. I hope to be able to try out one of the diapers!

  13. im having my baby due in 6 weeks and cant wait to try cloth diapers i sure hope i can win a giveaway because i really cant afford to buy them

  14. I've heard some positive things about booty buns but honestly I hadn't heard about them until the large $546 dollar giveaway a couple weeks ago. It's good to see them breaking on the scene more

  15. I love the fact that these diapers seem to have a broader size range. Everything i've read for the most part say one size diapers really don't fit until 10 pounds regardless of what the manuf says, so it's nice to find a diaper that will work on a newborn. Also, i'm impressed that the owner donates one diaper for every bought. I also am a military spouse and I really appreciate when people think about us like that. We have a lot we're going through and add on a deployment and a new baby, anything that can help is awesome.

  16. I didn't start cloth diapering until after my third was about 6 months old so I have no idea what to use for a newborn. My babies tend to be tiny and the diapers I've seen seem so huge. These look like a good possibility for something to try if/when we have number 4.

  17. These look great! I haven't tried them yet. I love the size range! These would even fit my tiny ones

  18. I'm really excited to see the five rise level settings!!

  19. This diaper looks so cool. I love how it is really a true OS diaper and not starting at 10lbs like most OS diapers. I also love that it comes with a fleece liner... that really helps make clean up a lot easier!

  20. I have read a few reviews on these diapers and they seem divine! I am currently IN LOVE with gogreen champ 2.0 diapers which are very similar, just less snaps and you only get one liner with them. However, the price of these is a little too steep for me so I've been entering every giveaway for them I can find! Great review, thanks for all the info!

  21. This diaper looks amazing.. And LOVE that they give one away for each bought!

  22. These look great! I really love that they make donations for every diaper purchased too! It makes it worth spending a little more.

  23. Looks great! I would love to try these...I like that they have internal gussets!

  24. It looks like a great diaper :) but being a military family who make less than $1500 a month we simply cannot afford a $31.50 diaper, let alone a supply of 20 for $516. Don't get me wrong I think it's great that she donates diapers to charity but I ended up going to a different site that offers almost the exact same diaper for $6 a piece. Possibility creating a cheaper alternative for people who cannot afford it would be great, I would buy her diapers in a heart beat if that happened.

  25. These diapers almost sound too good to be true -- I've got to see one! I hear your struggle with the newborn diapers :( I'm due with Baby #2 in July and am trying to build a newborn stash because my current stash was built for a 9 month and older baby. Did I mention my first child was 6 lbs and change when she was born?! And thank you for mentioning Operation Showers of Appreciation -- my brother will be deployed when my his child is born, so this may be very helpful for their family!!!

  26. My nephew is planning on using cloth diapers and I have heard so many great things on these diapers. They are so cute as well, so different than years ago when my babies were born and we had plain white ugly foldable diapers
    Sandy VanHoey

  27. Love this cloth diaper and the company too! Can't wait to cloth diaper my new baby in May.

  28. Frankly, I'm offended that this company pretends that their diapers fit a 3 lb preemie. Whoever is marketing these, seriously needs to take a trip to their local NICU. A 3 lb preemie is about 3x smaller than that teddy bear.

    1. Courtney,
      I am sorry that you feel this way about the diapers. In my critique above, I did state that I was not sure that this diaper would fit a 3 lb baby... as my son is not that small. All I had to test was a teddy bear, just to give readers an idea of how small it could get. Although the manufacturer claims that this can fit a 3 lb baby, I have my doubts.

      I too know first hand what a 3 lb baby looks like because my son was in the NICU for 4 days after he was born. Although he was 6 lbs at birth, I did see a lot of babies that were smaller than he was. I must agree with you that although it claims to fit 3 lb babies, I am not sure that it would.

      I too would like to see the manufacturer actually test this diaper out on an actual 3 lb baby.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  29. Too bad the "owner" falsely advertises about her donations and her "patent pending". Oh and by the way... she's gives awful CS, save yourself the extra money and go buy a cheaper diaper that is made by the same company, ALVA BABY DIAPERS

  30. These look just like Alva Baby diapers that sell for $6.99... weird!!

  31. This looks like a great diaper and I would love to try it. My ds has a high rise and it has been a challange find a diaper that is both high enough and is snug around the legs. Maybe this would do the trick!