Monday, April 30, 2012

Fluffy Sponsor Spotlight: The Perfect Bum

A Little About The Perfect Bum:
In case you have never heard of CoCaLo, you might want to go check some of your nursery bedding or accessories because they are a huge manufacturer of many of the fashionable and creative baby products that we use every day! I myself own many CoCaLo products! So when I found out they had a Reusable Diaper Line, I just had to try them out!

The Perfect Bum reusable diapers were created by CoCaLo Inc. and inventor Fredrica CoatesA perfect combination of fashion and functionality supported by years of research, testing and improvement has created the Perfect Bum™line. The Perfect Bum™ reusable diaper system has four (4) unique patented features: Anchored-pocket, Hinged Closure on Tabs, Soft Edge Fastening Tabs, and the Tri-Fold Insert.

The Basics of the Diaper:
  • Comes in Sizes: S, M, L
  • Comes in many SUPER CUTE prints with matching shirts
  • Provides hybrid diapering options (reusable and disposable liners)
  • Start kit includes: Shirt, Diaper, Booster, and Tri-fold Insert
  • Features Super Soft Hook and Loop overlapping closure
  • Patented "anchored-pocket" is made of water-proof material that helps keeps the mess inside
  • Gathered edges in the back and on the thighs help to provide a snug fit on the baby while preventing leaks
  • Diaper can be bought alone or as a fashion or starter set. Boosters are available as well
The Basics of the Model:
  • 15 lbs
  • 7 months old
  • 5 th percentile for weight
  • 10th percentile for height
  • SUPER CUTE, don't you think?
  • Very lean build 
My Thoughts:

When I first tried this diaper, I was a little worried because it was unlike any other diaper I had tried before (you know, fear of the unknown). I was not sure how the fit would go or if it would protect against leaks with it's design. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely love the fit of this diaper. As stated above, my son is 15 lbs, and the Medium fit him perfectly. There was no gapping on the legs or waist! It was very trim and of course looks super cute! 

I had no problems with any leaks, and the super soft hook and loop provided an easy and more custom fit closure around the waist. The hook and loop is not the normal hook and loop that I have seen on aplix diapers before. It is super soft and "fine" if you will. The front of the diaper also has an area for the hook/loop tabs to sit comfortably.

I like that you did not have to throw this diaper in the laundry after a single use, the inserts could be easily changed out for another once it became soiled. I would recommend wiping the cover down in between uses and you are ready for the next inset! This diaper also dries very quickly because there is no attached microfleece.

Of course the designs are so cute...wait didn't I say that already?! I love the "Stud Muffin" set that I received as well as a couple of the other sets. I think this set would be perfect for spring, summer or fall as you can let your little one run around the house in a diaper only...just throw on the matching shirt and some babylegs, and you are good to go!

I probably would not use this as an overnight diaper unless there was an insert that allowed for more absorption (hemp, bamboo). I think this is a perfect daytime diaper, or a diaper for an outing where you would like to show off your cloth diapers and your little one's bum. 

What Would I Change:
  • For my son, who is not a particularly heavy wetter, I could not use the tri-fold insert alone for very long without it becoming completely saturated. When the booster was placed in along with the trifold insert, I had no problems at all. For some babies, the trifold insert alone many not provide enough absorption.
  • I would also like to see a one-size model too, that way you don't have to buy all of the different sizes, but that is just personal preference. But again, a one size diaper may not fit as well as the sized diapers.
  • It would be nice if they sold these diapers in larger quantities..for instance if they sold a package of 6 diapers. Currently you can but the starter kit or s single diaper. Some added solid colors might be nice too!
The Perfect Bum Provided me with a starter set for my review only. I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

What Now?
You can purchase The Perfect Bum at your local Babies R' Us!

6 Pack Booster set sells for $19.99
Starter Kit sells for $29.99
Covers alone sell for $14.99
6 Pack of Reusable Inserts are $29.99

Or You Can Win One! The Perfect Bum is donating (1) Starter Kit to a lucky fan at my Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Hop! You can go get your bonus entries into the hop over HERE!

The nice part about being in Babies R' Us is that you can use gift cards or coupons in the store to get even bigger discounts!! Currently some of The Perfect Bum Products are Buy One Get One 50% off!!!


  1. I just picked up two of these at BBRU this week. They are super cute and I love how they fit on my lo. I do use them overnight with a hemp flat along with the prefold that came with it. It makes his little bum really fluffy, but we have had no leaks and he is a heavy wetter!

  2. This is the first I have heard of these! And I think it's pretty cool that these can be purchased in the Babies R' Us store. Yes, they are different for sure, but I like trying different diapers ;)

  3. I love that fluff is becoming more availble in stores like babies r us. That is great for everyone!

    And I also love that these diapers come with matching shirts. I can imagine having so much fun with this.