Monday, March 26, 2012

Kelly Wels: Feeling Lucky Prize Package

Has everyone entered this Giveaway yet??? I was so excited when I saw it!! Currently, Kelly Wels is giving away some huge prize packages!!! These are really easy entry too! You don't have to like 8,000 facebook pages or anything, and you can go back every day to get more entries! Look at the Prize Packages you can win!!! Go HERE to enter!! To be honest, I think I would rather win a fluffy prize package vs. the Kindle Fire!!

Package #1

  • 1-Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper in Mud
  • 1-Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper in Hoot
  • 1-Thirsties Booty Love
  • 1-Rockin Green $50 Gift Certificate
  • 1-Diaper Junction $25 Gift Certificate
  • 1-Little Beetle Little to Big One-Size Velour Diaper
  • 1-LolliDoo Classic Recycled Outie Cover
  • 6-Snappi Baby Diaper Fasteners
  • 1-Tie Dye Punch O2 Snapless Diaper
  • 1-Bummis Beautiful BASIC Baby Pack
  • 1-All Natural & Borax-Free Cloth Diaper Detergent
  • 1-Package of Diaper Doublers
  • 1-Package of Reusable Wipes
  • 1-Best Bottom Trail Package (1-shell, 3-Stay Dry Inserts)
  • 1-Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag
  • 1-Planet Wise Changing Pad
  • 1-Tot Bots Easy Fit with one roll
  • 1-Bummis Bio-soft flushable liners
  • 1-GEN-Y Universal Cover size:large
  • Retail Value: $405+

Package #2
  • 1-Eco Sprout Detergent 48oz
  • 1-Eco Sprout Bottom Balm Stick
  • 1-Eco Bottom Bamboo Liners
  • 1-Eco Sprout Bottom Spray (in aluminum spray) plus concentrate
  • 1-itti bitti tutto One-Size Cloth Diaper
  • 1-Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper in Mud
  • 1-Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper in Hoot
  • 1-Thirsties Booty Love
  • 1-Lil’ Tulips $25 Gift Certificate
  • 6-Snappi Baby Diaper Fasteners
  • 1-Abbys Lane $50 Gift Certificate
  • 1-Wolby Bug One-Size Diaper Cover
  • 2-Knickernappies Prefolds
  • 1-Wolby wet bag
  • 1-Bummis Beautiful Basic Pack
  • 1-Bummis Bio-soft flushable liners
  • 1-GEN-Y Simplicity Cover size:medium
  • Retail value: $310+

Which Prize Package Would You Like to Win?


  1. Since I would be donating it to a fundraiser I would love to have either of these two packages! They would both make amazing gifts to a new mom or a way for someone to try cloth diapering who didn't think they could but wants to.

  2. I would love to try the eco sprout detergent.. but REALLY want a Tots Bots easyfit.. tough choice.. so many great products in both the prizes. Would definitely take either.. but package #1 would be amazing!

    1. I think I would choose #1 too...but I would take either:)

  3. They both look amazing!! I think I would go with #2- I want to try the Bummis