Saturday, March 24, 2012

From Cloth Diapers to Drugs!?

There are a lot of Cloth Diaper Users who use the "Tide Original" in cleaning and washing their cloth diapers! For those of you, I thought you might get a kick out of this post! 

The latest crime wave that is "sweeping the country" is  Tide!!! How scandalous, I know! It seems as if people are stealing bottles of tide and re-selling them on the streets for half the cost you pay  in the stores ($5-$10)!!! In addition, some criminals are even re-selling the stolen tide back to retailers!!! Some stores are considering putting alarms on the tide bottles...that is how bad it is!

Now your next question may be WHY? For all of us that aren't so in-tune with the underground thievery that is called the "Black Market", Tide is the item of choice because it is expensive, easily accessible, and is being used in exchange for drugs!!! There have actually been drug busts where more Tide was found than cocaine! One guy who was caught gathered $25,000 worth of tide in 15 months!!!!!!!! Holy Cow!

I hope they get this problem under control, otherwise the prices are going to continue to increase to make up for all the stolen merchandise!  
Also note that most of the tide being lifted is the liquid brand...and most Cloth Diapering Tide Users use the powdered formula! But I would make the assumption that the prices will go up all around for Tide products if this is not stopped!

Have you heard about this phenomena before?

Do you use the Original Tide to wash your Clothes or Diapers?


  1. I use All free and clear, or the aldi's off brand. It does a great job.

    (I can't log in to this computer for some reason)

    1. Oh..sorry about that...sometimes Blogger is funky!I haven't used the All Free and Clear, but have a bunch of friends who do, and they love it! Wonder if All will be next??

  2. I did hear about this & I can't get over how crazy it is! I love Tide for our regular clothes, but I can't use it on the diapers :/

  3. Wow...that is crazy!

    I don't use Tide..I have bad skin allergies, so I worry it would irritate a little bum!

  4. I did here something about this recently and it's totally crazy! People will do anything these days!

  5. I have not heard about this...and I don't really get why Tide is the choice product for thieves lol.

    We use All Free & Clear as well. Tide is a little too expensive for what we want to spend cleaning our laundry.

  6. What a shame. So many people have lost all morals.

  7. :( I am a grocery store manager - trust me, it's happening! thanks for sharing

  8. crazy! well, this is really happening anywhere, i guess!

  9. Stealing Tide? Wow, that's crazy!