Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cloth Diapering 101: Say What?

"Fluff", "AI2", and "PUL"...What the heck do these terms mean? This is what I thought when I first started my research on Cloth Diapers! The full extent of my Cloth Diaper knowledge included "Fuzzibunz." And I am not kidding!
Here are a few terms to help you find your way around this new world of Cloth Diapering!

  • AIO - All in One, type of diaper
  • AI2 - All in Two , type of diaper 
  • AI3 - All in Three , type of diaper 
  • Babylegs -Leg warmers, only for babies
  • Bamboo - all natural diaper fiber known for its absorbency, often seen in doubler inserts
  • BF - Breastfeeding  
  • BG - Bumgenius
  • BM - Breast Milk
  • Bioliners - flushable liners inserted into cloth diapers to make poopy clean up a breeze
  • Contours - see Fitted's
  • Country Save - type of Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent 
  • Crunchy (Mom) - all nautral, eco friendly mom
  • CD - Cloth Diapers
  • CW - Cloth Wipes
  • Doublers - is a second insert that is put into a diaper, usually for heavy wetters or nighttime diapers
  • Fitted - a type of cloth diaper that is easily customizable to your baby and usually come in sizes (S,M,L) making for a better fit, aka Contours.
  • Flats - one layer of cloth folded around the baby and held in place by a pin or snappi
  • Flip - a hybrid brand of cloth diapers by Cotton Babies
  • Fluff - another term for Cloth Diapers
  • FB - FuzziBunz, brand of cloth diaper
  • Gussets - aka poop fence, extra piece of fabric on both side of diaper to hold poop in, disposables have this feature too
  • HH - Happy Heiny's, brand of Cloth Diapers
  • Hemp - all natural fibers used in cloth diaper inserts that are more absorbable than cotton alone. Hemp also have antibacterial properties
  • Hybrids - are a mixture of both a disposable and cloth diaper. There is a reusable outer layer and either a disposable insert, or a reusable inserted placed on the inside
  • J.T. - what I call my son:)
  • MCDS - My Cloth Diaper Stash:)
  • NB - New Born
  • Nappies - another term for Cloth Diapers
  • OS - One Size Diapers
  • Pockets - 3 components including a waterproof outer layer, which is attached to an inner layer that is then "stuffed" with an absorbable insert or doubler
  • Prefoldsflat diaper with a trifold, the middle layer is more absorbent than the outer layers
  • PUL - Polyurethane Laminate, the shiny lining in most cloth diapers that makes them waterproof
  • RG2 or RAR - Rumperooz G2 Pocket Cloth Diaper, a brand
  • RnG (Rockin Green) - type of laundry detergent
  • Ruby Moon - type of Cloth Diaper Safe Laundry Detergent
  • SAHM - Stay at Home Mom
  • Sposies - disposable diapers
  • Snappi - an easy to use fastener that is used to close or hold on a contour or fitted cloth diaper. The snappi replaced the diaper pin 
  • WAHM - Work at Home MomWetbags - portable, waterproof bags that are used to throw dirty diapers in on-the-go or other wet/soiled items

If you have any more terms you would like me to add, or have a question about, let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Was it overwhelming when you first dived into the Cloth Diapering World?

What terms were you caught up on in the beginning?


  1. Thanks for putting together this terminology list! Cloth diapering (and all the accessories) can be confusing until you get the hang of it. The easier it is for parents-to-be to figure it out, the easier it will be for them to choose cloth diapers.

  2. Thank you for putting this together. I have been cloth diapering for almost 4 years and still get confused with all of the terminology. This will definitely a link to share with new parents. Thank you!!

  3. I was so overwhelmed with all the different types of diapers when I started using cloth. Now my husband thinks I'm crazy when I use all this terminology!

  4. This is super helpful - no matter how many abbreviations I think I get the hang of, there are always a few that come up that I just can't figure out!

  5. Thanks for the info. This will be a great reference for those that are new to cloth and a place I can send people who are interested.

  6. Good list! This would have been SO helpful when I first started cloth diapering.

  7. Thank you for putting this list together. I am still new to cloth and while I already had most of this list figured out you reassured me I have it.

  8. Thanks for posting this list. I knew almost all of them except "Crunchy". I have seen it around and didn't think anything of it, except for the time when I saw "Crunchy Mom" and it threw me for a complete loop :] Nice to know that it has an awesome meaning!

  9. This is very helpful to me as I am new to CD!