Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Cute Last Minute Valentines Photo Ideas on the CHEAP!!

Since we are on such a tight budget for me being home with little J.T., I was trying to think of some crafty Valentines Ideas for really CHEAP!!! I came up with some super cute ideas.

For the picture above, I put my little guy in his red Cloth Diaper, spread a black blanket out on the floor, and took a card that I saved from Valentine's Day Last year for my Hubby! I took a few pictures of him holding the card!! Now you can use anything props, a heart cut out, a box of candy, etc. Whatever you have lying around the house. Super cheap and cute at the same time!!

For this next picture, I took a plain picture of my son, then added some wording on his tummy! This would make such a cute card!! I used a Free website called Picnik. They have all sorts of fun things you can do with pictures!! You can also have your child or baby hold a heart or cut out and put writing on the heart or other props to make it more personalized!!

The picture right below it I also used Picnik and took some pictures of my son with a cut out piece of paper with some hearts on it! It probably would have looked better with red, but that is all I had...and I did say I was being cheap right?

Hope these ideas help! It only took me a few minutes to get them done!! Good Luck!

What Creative and Cheap Ideas do you have for Valentine's Day?


  1. Oh my goodness so cute! I would absolutely be TJ's Valentine with that picture.

  2. That is adorable, Julie! Great idea! Your little guy is a cutie!

  3. HaHa thanks for the smile..these are tooo cute!

    Still Dating My Spouse

  4. Best Valentine's cards ever! brilliant idea!