Friday, February 24, 2012

My Semi-Cloth Diapering, Baby-Wearing Husband

So if you cloth diaper, you know that you will probably get many mixed reactions from family, friends, and even your hubby's!! In the beginning, my hubby had bets on how long "I would last" cloth diapering! Guess I won that bet:) I must say that now, the hubby loves the cloth diapers because they are super easy, and save us $$.

Today I had to work, and my hubby was off on school vacation and watching J.T. for the day! I say he is a Semi-Cloth Diapering hubby because he uses the cloth diapers while I am away, but sometimes leaves them out around the house (although he is getting much better). He also won't wash out the poopy diapers either...instead he leaves them for me as a present when I get home from work!

He also took little J.T. on a walk today around the neighborhood in the carrier! Too cute! I am a blessed wifey!!

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