Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did You Ever Steal From Your Baby?

Did I get your attention with the post title?? I don't mean it in a mean or nasty way, but in a sharing is caring type of way! Here is what I mean...

When preparing for our little J.T. to be born, we had to empty out our guest bedroom and closet and turn it into a nursery! Now this involved us taking many of our clothes out of little J.T.'s closet and finding a new home for them....funny concept if you ask me...some little baby the weighs 13 lbs is gonna have more room and a huge closet for his clothes!! Not fair!!

So tonight I decided that little J.T. was going to let me "borrow" a few items of his! Here is what I borrowed:

The first thing I "borrowed" was a closet organizer...I mean he is only 5 months and has 3 closet organizers, he won't even miss this one! Secondly, I grabbed some clothes dividers...good idea in theory, but just didn't work for us. 

So here's what I did with the stolen goods:

I think I made out pretty good! Great for space saving! I used the divider to separate my husbands and my clothes...somehow his clothes always start to take over my side of the closet, so a little divider has helped keep them separate!

What about you...have you ever "borrowed" something from your little ones?

Did you ever have any space issues once your little ones came along? How reorganize to make everything fit?


  1. We have major space issues. We moved here only 14 months ago thinking we had finally found a home that was big enough for us and our 4 children only to realize we STILL don't have enough space. We are now house-hunting again, hoping to buy a BIGGER house within the next couple of months :)

  2. great idea! My baby steals from me! :)

  3. I am totally 'guilty' of 'stealing' some closet space from 1 (or 4) of the kids!!! =)

  4. I'm guilty of "borrowng" and yes, we had major space issues once my baby girl and now at almost a year after her birth, we still have them! LOL We just need a bigger home.

  5. I think it's only fair. Think of it as "up-cycling"

  6. My baby steals a lot from me... now that she has started talking her favourite word is "Share" indicating to me/anyone to share their food/drinks with her.

  7. haha! I took one of those from my 9 year old!