Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where do I throw it?

I don't know if you are like me, but if you use disposable wipes with Cloth Diapers, do you have the problem of not knowing where to throw the wipes out after your use them? It can get kind of tricky because your cloth diaper goes in your diaper pail and the wipes need to be thrown away, all within arms reach of a squirmy baby on the changing table...

Here is the solution that I came up with..

(P.S. I am still using up all of the disposable wipes that I got from my shower and I stocked up on for really cheap before  I knew I would be this into Cloth is a picture of my stash. In the meantime, I am entering as many contests as I can to increase My Cloth Wipe Stash, so when i run out of disposable wipes, I will have enough cloth wipes for all my diaper changes)

If you have lots of these plastic bags at your house, and you are looking to reuse them in a cute kinda way (ha ha), I have the perfect solution to use up your bags. i know it would be "greener" if I brought my reusable shopping bags to the store, but with a baby and the diaper bag, and everything else, I often forget, so I end up having a huge stash of the plastic bags!! Which, by the way, comes in handy for dirty or wet clothes or wipes if you don't have a wet bag on hand!

So I took a bunch of these plastic bags and an old flour container from my kitchen and stuffed them all in the flour container! Take a look at the pictures below...

Then if you look at the can from far away, you will see I have it closed. It looks somewhat stylish don't you think? You can hang your bag from your changing table if possible too, makes for an easy and quick toss! 

So What Do You Think?

Do You Use Cloth Wipes or Disposable?

If You Use Disposable, What is Your Secret Way to Dispose of them?


  1. Julie, see, that's why I switched to cloth wipes :) Especially on the go it's hard to find a trash can, at home it's not as bad, but I just thought since I'm switching anyway, might as well switch all the way :)


    1. True, true! Which brand of Cloth Wipes do you use?? If I am on-the-go sometimes I just throw my disposable wipes in my wet bag and they get washed with the diapers. Ha Ha. I will make the switch soon! Gotta get more in my stash first!!

  2. I use disposable both, they have flushable wipes now though!!

    visiting from the hop!

  3. I just throw my wipes along with cloth diapers , what happens is some chemical in the wipes causes the soiled cloth diaper to turn green in that area where the poop is .(I just keep the wipe inside the diaper and close the diaper) so I am seriously thinking to switch to cloth wipes as well