Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raise the Roof...

Don't you just love watching your little one sleep!!! So precious, it brings a big smile to my face!! Do you ever wonder why babies sleep with both hands up in the air??

(My son only has 1 up in this picture, but at night he has 2)

I wondered why they do this, it seems like it would be so uncomfortable...I mean...wouldn't they lose circulation? Here is what I found out...which let me warn you is mostly experience and opinions!!
  • Genetics
  • Comfortable for Baby/Relaxing
  • Baby needs to stretch out because they were scrunched up in womb so long
  • Expands the diaphragm making it easier to breathe
Not sure which one's I agree with most! I am going to the Pediatrician today for our 4 month check up! I will ask her!

Why do you think babies sleep like this?

Did you have or do you have a baby that sleeps with his/her arms up??


  1. All three of my boys did that, one of them would tuck his hands in by his ears and it looked like he was lounging. I just think they are comfortable like that.

  2. I think so too!! Amazing since it seems so not comfy as an adult!!!

  3. Yeah...I still sleep like that regardless if I'm on my back or stomach. One hand/arm crooked over my head and the other with my hand tucked in (I guess) near my ear with the elbow crooked. So if you find a good reason for it let me know! I can't get comfortable with my arms down by my sides.

  4. Casey - doesn't you are lose circulation?? I wonder if you did that when you were a baby? ha ha