Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Life in 14 Years

Thanks for the pic Casey:) 

So yesterday I had both a hilarious and enlightening type of day!! Let me explain...

My husband is a teacher at an all boys private high school and yesterday they had a field trip to the Boston Science Museum. They were short one chaperone so my husband asked if I wanted to go! I thought hmmmm.... as long as we can get someone to watch my little guy, sounds like fun! Not to mention this is like a hot date with my know...sitting on the bus together, checking out exhibits together, watching an IMAX movie....only thing is that we did it all with 170 High School Freshman boys!!

Little did I know that this field trip would be like a fast forward 14 years for me! I guess it's been awhile since I got this first hand experience of high school boys! I must say, at times, it was hysterical...the awkwardness...the comments...the intense need for food and candy...the laughing about nothing...for example...

The picture on the right is in the IMAX theatre (and all those beaty little eyes), this was our last stop at the museum before heading home. 170 boys packed into that theatre ready to watch a movie about Greece and by this point, you can imagine that the chaperones were beat!! So a bunch of them fell asleep during the movie. The kids would look around and see one chaperon sleeping, then turn to their friends and whisper something, then a group of them would look at the sleeping chaperone and laugh...all the while getting the attention of another awake chaperone to "let them know" that the other chaperone was sleeping. This happened multiple times during the movie and on the bus! For some reason this was absolutely hysterical!

Or when watching a movie on the bus ride and some character gets hit with something and falls down...the bus would erupt in laughter! Or having the highlight of the trip for the boys be the gift shop....that is all they wanted to do....we walk in the museum..."can we go to the gift shop." Needless to say it was actually pretty entertaining. I couldn't help but think...this will be my son one day!

And then there was the mystery of the Black North Face Jacket Swap...evidently 80% of the kids at the school have the same Black North Face Jacket. So you can imagine what happens when they all have to put their jackets in a bin when we enter the museum. Every kid took the wrong jacket and one kid lost his after a lot of investigating and jacket swapping, the right kids found the right jackets and the original lost jacket was on the bus!

It was all kind of refreshing in a weird sort of way! I was glad to get home to my little guy, who I hope will stay little forever. After a day of laughing at the stupid things teenage boys do, I got to laugh at the faces and smiles my son makes:) I am blessed!


  1. Your son is adorable! Glad I found you on the Monday Mingle Blog Hop! You can find me at

  2. Glad you had fun yesterday! Again, love your creative blogging!

    1. Thanks for letting me borrow the pic:)

  3. OH boy... North Face is a huge deal right now for us too! Sounds like you had a good time... Following from the hop...

  4. Wow how cool was that to be apart of that an listening to things to come HUH? My son is a 10th grader but, suppose to be in 11th an the things they say an do are hilarious by far! The way they think an say things about girls amazes me how they even get girlfriends sometimes! Anyway I enjoyed the story it was fun to read!