Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Lost...

This has nothing to do with Babies, Cloth Diapers, or Mommyhood (well maybe a little mommybrain), but I wanted to share a funny story with you about ME. 

I am horrible at directions!!! Couldn't find my way out of a paper bag my entire life, until I got a job where I had to drive around everywhere! Thanks to this job, I learned much of the beautiful state of Connecticut, and I learned a sense of direction!! Now that being said, I may have gotten a little too confident with my learned sense of direction...

Try to stick with me, because this may get a little confusing. The other day, I was driving home and I saw a road named Candee Road, I thought that I knew where this road would come out because I remember passing another road in my town called Candee Road!! Since I was so proud of myself for making that connection, I decided that this would be an awesome shortcut!!! So I started out on the road, and kept driving, and driving and driving! I thought "this is taking too long to be a shortcut." So I called my Hubby!! 

The Hubby enlightened me that the Candee Road I was on, was in a different town than the Candee Road in our town!! I was convinced that this was not the case, but I must admit, he was right!!! You see the towns were so close together that I thought I was in our town!! I guess my inner sense of direction was off just a tad! Close but no cigar!! Better luck next time!!

Anyone ever had an experience like this? Are you good or bad with directions?

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