Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fake Babies???

I was visiting StumbleUpon, when I came across this video. It is a documentary on a woman who makes "reborn" or life like babies and sells them to people!! I did not know that there was business in building fake babies, and even fake custom built breathing babies!! Wow, I don't even know what to think!!I know that the video is long, but it is very interesting!!! 

What type of price do you think that these babies go for?? $100, $300, $500....No Way. On eBay they are selling for as much as $1,900.00!!!!!! Unbelievable!!

What do you think about this concept?? Why do you think people feel the need to buy these babies and carry them around like real babies?? In the video, some did it because they liked the feeling they got when they held a baby, others liked the attention. Personally, I would never spend this amount of money on a "fake" baby. Even if I missed having a baby around, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer to care for babies in your communities. When my son was born, he was in the NICU for a few days. When I went to visit him in the NICU, there were volunteer's called "cuddlers" who would come in and rock and hold the baby!! What a great idea. I think that people who love babies and the feeling they get should invest their time in real babies, not dolls!!

 Let me know your thoughts!!

Wonder if they make Fake Cloth Diapers too? I must say, cleaning the Cloth Diapers for this baby must be a breeze!!!


  1. It's a pretty eerie trend but it doesn't surprise me. There's a growing market for this kind of thing. There are cute little robots in Japan that are sold to the elderly in nursing homes that sell for several thousand dollars that are very similar to these fake babies.

    Some people want those feelings of love and attachment that you get from a real baby but without all the pain and responsibility that goes with it. These babies give women a similar feeling that real live baby might with very important differences.

    These babies don't get sick, or poop, or puke on your new clothes, or keep you up all night. It's all of the pleasure with none of the suffering that a real baby might bring. But of course all that suffering is necessary to feel a real connection to another human being. I imagine loneliness would set in really fast if you spent a few weeks with one of these babies.

    But at least you'll get plenty of sleep.

  2. So True Paul!! I am sure we will see more of this kinda stuff in all sorts of forms in the future!!!

    Totally agree with you on the loneliness and connection/interaction that human beings need!! All of the little things you mentioned pooping, puking, up all night help to develop an unmatching bond!! Good Stuff!

  3. It's sort of creepy. I have a friend who has a baby who looks so perfect, she's actually been stopped in stores and asked if her baby was real. Now I know why!

  4. Ha Ha!I guess more people know about this than us!

  5. I feel bad for women that think a doll is better than having a real baby. Its pretty sad and pathetic. Theres children all around the world who need this love not a lifeless doll. Ill take my beautiful baby boy over sleep any day!

  6. Me too Heather! If you feel the need to have a baby, why don't you adopt one, there are plenty of children even in the US who are up for adoption and need some love!!