Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enter to Win: Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag

I have been looking to get one of these bags!! These look so handy, especially for on-the-go trips!! Go HERE and enter to win your own Plant Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag in the color/print of your choice! Please note that this giveaway is hosted by Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network. Only enter on (1) of the sites, not both!!

Giveaway ends 2/14/12


  1. Julie, what wetbag do you have? I've been using this very bag (pink swirl pattern) with Margarita these past almost 4 months that we've been CD-ing. I love it! I also have a medium-size one (same pattern) for the diaper bag and a small one (same pattern) for my wet cloth wipes. I think those are the best wet bags around!

    1. I too have the Planet Wise bags!! I have (2) medium size ones for my diaper bag and when I drop Jaron off at my mom's house for the day! I would love to win one of these large hanging bags for traveling or leaving him for longer periods of time! Otherwise I have a (2)Kissaluvs Pail liners that I love as well...rotating them when one is in the laundry! How do you like the cloth wipes?? Which brand are you using? I have a few, but haven't started using them yet!!

  2. Julie, I just recently got double-sided Fuzzibunz cloth wipes, fleece on one side, cotton on the other. I finally took the plunge and decided to buy some after we ran out of almost all disposable wipes I've stockpiled while pregnant. I also got really tired of not knowing what to do with a disposable wipe (especially when we are out) since the cloth diaper just goes in a wetbag. I then have to look for a trash can to toss the wipe, which is not always readily available. Like this I can just stick it all together in the same wetbag. I got this wipes:

    You can read my review on there, too :) I really love the idea of cloth wipes, just not those wipes specifically.

    As for the wetbags, I origially was going to go with the Kissaluvs liner (even bought one), but then decided against the diaper pain altogether and instead just bought a second large wetbag (so one wet/dry and one just wetbag) for rotation at home. For travel in my diaper bag I also actually have two medium ones (for rotation, while one is in the wash).