Monday, January 9, 2012

Colic Cure?

As a new mom, you always have so much to think about, worry about, and learn!!! I had one heck of an experience during labor & delivery (40 hours of labor, c-section, large blood loss) which made my first weeks of motherhood even more challenging!!  But then, colic...the sneaky culprit, came and stole my husband and my last bit of sanity!

If you have never experienced a baby with are lucky!!! Colic, is basically a baby who's digestive and nervous system are not yet mature enough to handle "life." What this means is that they will cry inconsolably for hours on end!!!! And when I say inconsolably, I mean NOTHING HELPS. The worst part was that our little guy never napped either!!! He would sleep for maybe 30 minutes during the day, if that!! All of my friends and family were telling me that their babies slept 18 hours a day or more the first few weeks!! I was so jealous to say the least!

 My husband and I researched everything from medicines, to changing my diet, swings, home remedies, bouncy seats, mobiles, swaddling, pacifiers, white noise, and different type of baby beds!!! Most babies will outgrow colic by 3 months, but for a Mom who just went through "hell" that sounds like forever!!

So onto the good to help our little colic babies out!!

I went to the Pediatric Cardiologist with my little one because of some complications during and after labor. They wanted to do a EKG with 18 leads on him. The tech told me that I needed to keep him still for her to get the leads on him and do the test!! I laughed in her face...yea right!! I thought how is this ever going to happen?? She suggested a pacifier or a bottle...I thought..."my baby is too smart for that stuff...if its not the real nipple, he doesn't want it."
Then the tech says, well I have something that will work!! I said whatever it is, I want it!!! The tech pulls our this laser gun/globe and it makes a noise and has flashing lights!! My son immediately stopped and starred long enough to get the test done!!!! WOW!! I need to find one of these magic toys!!

I asked the tech how she ever figured this out, she said that she had a colicky baby! I needed to find!!! So the hunt began! She also told me that if babies can't hear themselves cry, they will not cry. The noise from this toy distracts the baby so they stop crying! This was the best advice that I received from anyone, and it has worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!! To this day, it stops him from crying and fussing!

You can get this for Under $10 at stores like Big Lots, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us or Online! Do yourself a favor and save your self a lot of stress, buy one of these toys for your colicky baby and see what happens!! It can't hurt right...I mean you have probably tried everything else at this point and that is why you are searching online!!

Leave me a comment below letting me know if any of your babies were colicky, and what you did to help soothe them!


  1. My first was colicky too. Singing music toys and lights were the only things that would calm her for any amount of time. It turned out in my baby's case she had hip dysplasia which was causing her intense pain, and the crying. The treatment was a restrictive harness, which ended the pain but not the crying. Praise God colic only lasts for a little while in the grand scheme of things.

  2. I was so lucky that my babies never had colic. This is a great solution and inexpensive solution. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My son was fascinated by one of these.

  4. Wow, this is a great idea! I was very lucky, my son was not colicy, but this would have been a great thing to use to distract him at times.. love it.

  5. Very cool! The swing was my friend. The only time I could get my son to sleep was in the swing.

  6. Never had a colicky baby but it is cool that it worked for you!

  7. My son was colic for 2 months, my husband I held him around the clock. Nothing seemed to help! It is great when you finally find something that works!