Friday, January 13, 2012

20 Baby Products for Traumatizing Infants

So I came across this great article about the 20 Best Baby Products to Traumatize your infant!!! Some of these are really hilarious and deserve a picture!!! Check the link above for the rest of the pictures! Some of these are actually really good ideas!

20) Zaky Infant Pillow - stimulates the touch of human hands

19) Baby Keeper - the picture is enough said, more like a baby hanger

18) Swimming Neck Ring - hmmmmmm (Check out the picture)

17) Pee-Pee Teepee - a funnel for peeing in??

16)Baby Perfume - isn't it enough to have the cute baby smell?

15)O'Pair Baby Leash

14) Thudguard Helmet - protection for the knogen

13) Third Arm - acutally a pretty nifty idea

12) Daddle - I'm buying one!!!!!! ha ha ha

11) Hamburger Baby Costume - poor baby

10) Metallica Lullabies - white noise?

9) Manuel Snot Sucker - gross, even for a cloth diaper mommy!

8) Her First Heels

7) Baby Mop - Useful, could use one for my dog!!

6) Po-Knee - guess what this one is??

5) Man Boobs - all you breasfeeding Mama's are like "YES"

4) Baby Whoopee Cushion Costume - too many costumes if you ask me!

3) Bucktooth Pacifier

2) Baby Toupee

and #1 Baby Tattoos

I really can't believe that some people invented this stuff!!! 
Which is your favorite?

Have you tried any of these?


  1. Hey Julie! Katie (Nelson) Edwards- saw your blog on FB, it's great! I did cloth with Luke for a couple months, loved it:) I just started a blog a's well, lots of fun. Congrats on the babe, and good luck with everything:)

    1. Thanks Katie!! I will check out your blog too! So much fun right!! I love Cloth Diapering!! Thanks again!

  2. Oh My! What will they think of next?!

    1. Which is your favorite? Mine is either the Daddle or Pee Pee Teepee!

  3. I have some pee pee teepees, they were purchased as a gag, but we actually used them on my oldest. He always would pee as soon as we attempted wiping him, we were tired of wiping down the wall and changing shirts after every diaper change. We would put one on him and it would absorb the little piddles or at least redirect the spray to the changing mat instead of showering the entire room. I know the same thing could be accomplished with a washcloth or wipe, but we already had them and it was fun to say 'pee pee teepee'.

  4. Ha Ha Ha!!! That is awesome! Thanks for the input! I thought they were a good idea as well!! It is fun to say pee pee teepee!!! At least you made use out of your gag gift!!

  5. Probably the most detrimental are the baby high heels. Could probably do permanent damage if you actually allowed a young baby to wear then when they are first learning to walk.

    As for the Po-Knee just get a rocking horse they make some beautiful ones that will last and also have the rocking motion.

    While I understand a man wanting to bond with his baby I think it is probably just better to let him give a bottle even to a fully nursing baby then to use those man boon things. Instead of telling his growing daughter or son that he loved to get the chance to give the occasional bottle and give mommy a break he sends the kid into therapy by bringing out the man boobs and telling the kids he use to nurse them.

  6. oh my goodness that baby hanger thing is awful! Wow!

  7. This is great sharing on The Bewitchin' Kitchen FB Page

  8. Lmao great post some funny ones :)


  9. Oh my goodness! that is a brilliant List! Thank you for linking it up to my
    Artistic Tuesday Blog Hop Linkup!

    Although I laughed at some of these, that manual nose's called Frida nose, and I have to say it works better than ANY other nose sucker I've tried. And I"m ashamed to admit, I've tried MANY of them, including electric, I was so desperate to get my baby some relief.

  10. I don't feel like I can really commnent, as I am not a mum, but I have to say there are some crazy 'out there' items on that list! I am against those little short skirts and knee high boots you can get for babies so I don't think I'll be trying any of those things haha except for the Daddle... because my hubby would get a kick out of that!

  11. I saw a woman once that ACTUALLY sucked the snot from her kid's nose. at a resturaunt, no less. i am gagging right now just thinking of it. The helmet is the most ridiculous. Just perpetuates the overprotection syndrome that does more harm than good. I think the daddle looks fun though :)