Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cotton Babies: A+ for Customer Service

So I have told you all that I absolutely love the Flip Hybrid Diapers!!! They are so great and easy to use! I did run into a little problem with some of my I wanted to let you know of my story and how great the Customer Service was at Cotton Babies (the Manufacturer of Flip).

If you don't know too much about the Flip Cloth Diapers, they are one sized and adjustable for babies 7 to 30 lbs. The Inserts themselves also have a part you can "Flip" down depending on the size of your baby!! There is some stitching on the inserts so you know where to fold the insert.

However, the stitching in some of my inserts came undone...only after 2 washes (and I hang dry the inserts). I was very disappointed with this and decided to contact Cotton Babies via e-mail! To my surprise they got back to me the next day and apologized for the stitching that had come undone. For my inconvenience, they stated that they would send me new inserts in replace of the old inserts. All I had to do was send back my old inserts when the new ones arrived in the mail. They even gave me a return address label to use! I was so impressed with their customer service, that I thought they deserved a "shout out"!

It also comes in handy to save all of your receipts and online ordering information, so in case you must return the inserts, you will have evidence as to when they were purchased! Because I had registered for my Cloth Diapers on Kelly's Closet, Cotton Babies was able to track down my orders and see that my diapers were very new! 

Cotton Babies gets a THUMBS UP in my book!!

What have been some of your experiences with different Cloth Diaper Companies? Let me know!!

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